What to Wear During the LDS (Mormon) Sealing Ceremony

What to wear for a temple sealing
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When preparing for your temple sealing it is hard to know what questions to ask. Here are answers to some common questions about what to wear to in the temple for your sealing.

Do I Wear My Wedding Gown in the Temple?

What to wear for a temple sealing
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LDS brides getting sealed in the temple have two options: you can wear your white temple dress for the sealing, or your wedding gown. If you choose to wear your wedding gown in the temple, it must be white, floor-length, long-sleeved, and high-necked with no collarbone showing. If your gown doesn’t meet these standards, temple workers can always provide you with neck and sleeve inserts to wear with your gown to make it meet temple standards. If your wedding gown has a train, it will need to be bustled or removed for the temple.

Some brides choose to wear a temple dress to be sealed in. You’ll need a regular temple dress for future temple attendance, and every time you go to the temple you will have special memories of your sealing. Temple dresses are available through the LDS distribution center and a number of specialty Mormon apparel retailers.

In either case, the ceremonial clothing from the endowment ceremony will be worn over your dress during the sealing.

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Do I Wear Garments on My Wedding Day?

No matter what you’re wearing for your temple sealing, you’ll have your temple garments on underneath. All LDS temple sealings’ are preceded by receiving the endowment and the temple garment.

Some brides are endowed a day or two before the sealing, others only minutes before, and some have already been endowed because of a mission or other circumstances.

Other Clothing for Your LDS Temple Sealing

Other than your garments and a temple-ready dress, you’ll need white stockings, a full length slip, and white slippers to wear inside the temple, which are available through specialty LDS retailers along with your temple dress.

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The groom will need to purchase a white tie, white pair of pants, white belt, white socks and slippers. He’ll need a white shirt, too, but one of his own white button-up shirts are fine for wearing inside the temple.

Additionally, both the endowment and the sealing require wearing ceremonial clothing. You can buy them ahead of time from the LDS distribution center with your membership number, or in larger temples you might be able to rent them for one-time use.

When you schedule your sealing appointment be sure to ask the temple matron about the standards for your wedding gown. Usually you will receive a letter from the temple with all the details. Please ask the temple matron any questions that you may have regarding your wedding gown.

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28 comments on “What to Wear for an LDS (Mormon) Sealing Ceremony”

  1. Hi! This article is very helpful, thanks so much! I just have one additional question that maybe you can help me out with. My husband grew up in the Church but was inactive when we met and when we got married. Last year, we started looking into the Church together. He became active again and baptized and confirmed me, it was wonderful. We are getting ready to be sealed in the Temple, however we were already legally married when I joined the Church. My questions is:
    Since my husband and I were already married when I joined the Church, I plan to wear a simple Temple Dress to our sealing instead of a wedding dress (I already have a few Temple Dresses in mind). Is there anything against wearing a Temple Dress to and from the Temple on the day of the Sealing, or is it only to be worn inside the Temple? The reason I ask is because I would really love to have pictures of the day we get sealed while wearing my Temple Dress, since (to us) it is much more spiritually significant than the day we got legally married. Is this allowed? Obviously we can’t have camera’s in the Temple (and for good reason), but I would love pictures of us in front of the Temple, with me wearing my Temple Dress. I feel silly asking this question so I really appreciate the help. Thanks so much in advance!

    • Hi Jacqueline!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. And congrats on your baptism and upcoming sealing!
      Temple dresses are to be worn only in the Temple. However, if you think about it, if you purchase a Temple Dress to be used as your wedding gown, (don’t wear it to the Temple, change inside the Temple just before your sealing) have your pictures taken after the Sealing, and then later use that same “wedding” dress as a Temple Dress would that be so bad? Hmmm. I don’t see it as an issue, but to be sure, I would contact your Temple Matron. You can call your local Temple, and ask to speak to the Temple President or Temple Matron-in this case I think the Matron is best. They are always the most loving, kind, and helpful people. And no question is considered silly. Just tell her what you’ve expressed here and let her make the correct decision for you. Remember, even if you can’t wear the dress outside for photos, it will still be the dress you were sealed in and will be the most precious Temple dress you will ever own. I wish you a beautiful sealing and remember to go back to the Temple often. It is so good to listen to those blessing time and time again.


      • Thanks so much for the quick reply, Rose! I will ask my Temple Matron and see what she says. It’s confusing for me, since I’ve seen pictures of brides leaving the Temple in their beautiful wedding dresses which they were sealed in, and I’d just prefer to have something less “over-the-top” than a wedding dress, hence why I’m opting for a wrist length “Temple dress” instead (and I put that in parenthesis since the Temple dresses I’m looking at at latterdaybride.com and A Dressy Occasion.com are really just wedding dresses-minus the train and with longer sleeves, lol). I’ve actually already purchased a Temple dress from the Distribution Center that I’m planning to use for other ceremonies after my sealing, so the dress I wear to my sealing will be more like a wedding gown anyways. If necessary, I guess I’ll buy a wedding dress so I can have pictures of my husband and I dressed up on our special day. In my legal wedding, my dress was strapless and I’d love to have new pictures of me in a much more modest gown to show family and friends. Thanks again for your reply, I really appreciate the help! 🙂

  2. Jacqueline, I’m in the same boat. My husband and I have been married almost 13 years and we will be sealed this summer. I have a temple dress that I’ll be wearing for the sealing. I’m also going to purchase a simple, white summer dress (informal wedding dress) to wear for pictures and for our reception after. Then I have my “pretty” dress for pictures and reception and my temple dress for the sealing.

  3. I have a quick Question, and I know it might be dumbfounded, but I ‘Heard’ that you can now wear elbow length sleeves or short sleeves when getting sealed in the temple for the bride. I am just asking if this is true or not. I am one that doesn’t really listen to rumors but I just want to be sure and I am trying to ask everyone, even people who work in the temple.

    • Alyssa, we have heard the rumors of different standards on sleeve length for wedding dresses. Our advice is to contact the temple in which you will be sealed and request the guildlines for your wedding dress. You do have options if you dress is short sleeved such as adding sleeve inserts, wearing a jacket or wear a temple dress. Congratulations, and let us know what you find out.

  4. My husband and I have been married for 2 years and are getting sealed in a couple weeks. We are having a reception afterwards but some people have been asking about gifts. We figured that instead of gifts we could ask for donations for an anniversary trip to Disneyland. What would be the best way to ask? Because we have all the things we need in our home now but I don’t know if its really appropriate to be asking for money for a trip since were already married and the sealing is a more special occasion. We did not want our sealing to turn into a party but our family has turned it into one. Please help!

    • Hi Margarita,

      Congratulations on your upcoming sealing. That’s wonderful :0)

      If folks are asking about gifts it is because they want to honor you. Simply let them know that you have everything you need in your home but if they would still like to give a gift that the best gift is time with your eternal companion and that you are going to be going to Disneyland. You could let them know that if they so choose, you would be appreciative of help with your trip.

      Congratulations again.

  5. Hi! My husband and I have been married for one year today, and we are getting sealed this August. I am wanting to wear a wedding dress for pictures after the sealing, and a temple dress for the sealing itself. My wedding dress from our wedding is too immodest and would cost a lot of money in alterations, and it also isn’t really my style anymore (mermaid and too “show offy” if you will). I have asked my friends and family what they think about the wedding dress idea and my friends think it’s a great idea but my family does not. I am a bit torn. The main reason I would like to use a wedding dress is so when our kids are learning about our marriage and sealing they will see the sealing as a bigger deal than the wedding itself. I don’t think they will understand if I just tell them- so I think showing them is a smart idea. I don’t want them to look at pictures of our sealing where I am wearing normal clothing and then at our wedding in my beautiful gown and then think, “well if the sealing is such a big deal then why is she not dressed up like at the wedding?” if that makes sense. Please let me know what you think. Sorry if this question is a bit out of the ordinary. I just don’t know what to do. Thank you!

    • Hi Amber,

      Congratulations on your sealing. :0)

      You didn’t say why your family does not think that wearing a new modest wedding dress outside the temple would not be a good idea. So I don’t have all the information. But here are my thoughts, for what they are worth.

      My husband and I were both sealed a year later, as you are going to be. I wore a non-wedding dress afterward outside the temple. It was a small family affair. And everything was lovely. Knowing we were sealed forever was so amazing. And I explained to my children that the real beauty was inside the temple. And that the temple marriage was more important than the “fancy” marriage that we had the first time. They understood.

      But I understand you’re wanting to make the day special with a new wedding gown. And I’m certain when you explain your reasons to your children (what you explained above,) they will understand too.

      In the end, your wedding day is for you and your husband. And so the best choice is between you and the your husband and the Lord. I would say that after careful thought for all the pros and cons of your decision, take it to the Lord in prayer. After you receive answer to your prayer, it won’t matter what anyone else thinks.

      When you do purchase your new modest wedding gown, remember that you could also wear that to your sealing if you like. Ask the temple matron about guidelines.

      It’s your wedding/sealing day. What will make you happiest?

      Here’s to the most beautiful day ever!


      • Thank you so much! I did forget to give the reasons for my family not wanting me to wear a wedding gown- most of them say it seems like I want another wedding, but I’m already married. I have told them over and over that it’s not true and they just continue to say it.

        I will definitely pray about it! You are right, the fact that we are getting sealed is huge and the most important part! Obviously 🙂 Thanks for you help!

  6. Hi! I’m Tamara, and my husband and I have been married civilly married for 7 months. We’re planning to get sealed in the temple in July. My question is could I wear a wedding dress for the sealing?

    • Hi Tamara,

      Congratulations! And yes, you can wear a wedding dress, but check with you temple matron for modesty of the dress.

      You may also want to consider, instead of a wedding gown, purchasing a beautiful new temple dress. That way you are going to have something you’ll wear time and time again, and each time you wear it to the temple, the dress will remind you of your sealing. :0)

      Here’s to beautiful wedding!

  7. I am preparing for my sealing to my husband but it will also include our three children: 9 yo girl, 5 yo boy and a 8 month old girl. What clothing should I get for them to wear inside the temple?

    • Hi Dolly,

      WOW! Congratulations. Short answer: White, white, and white.
      You may consider calling the temple and asking the temple matron as well.
      She will be able to help guide you.


  8. So I have a question and I know it’s probably dumb, but my husband and I are getting sealed next month and I definitely want pictures of us outside with me in white. If I get a temple dress, I can only wear it inside the temple, correct? So I should get a second white dress for the pictures?

    • Hi Liz,
      There are no dumb questions, only information you don’t know.
      And yes, you should be a second dress for the pictures outside.
      And if you’d like white, wear white. Or whatever color you like.

      It’s your special day. How do you want to remember it?

      And congrats on your sealing! I know it will be lovely.


  9. Hello, I have kind of a silly question. So I’m getting married soon and I’m getting sealed in the temple. I’ve been dress shopping and the dress of my dreams isn’t modest enough to be worn for the sealing. Is it aright to wear a modest temple dress for the sealing and then have the wedding dress for the reception and pictures?

    • Hi Hailey, It’s totally ok to have 2 dresses. Especially because you’ll want to have a temple dress you can wear again and again as you go back to visit the temple. If you only want to purchase 1 dress, you could still possibly use the dream dress for both. Ask your temple matron. For example, if the wedding dress of your dreams has a neckline that’s too low for the temple you can wear a dickie. If the dress has shorter sleeves, there may be sleeve-type “dickies” that you could wear. I would personally get both dresses. Let me know what you decide. Rose
      P.S. In either case, 1 dress or 2, you’ll want to ensure your dream dress is still modest enough to cover your garments, even on the outside of the temple. :0) Here’s to a beautiful wedding.

  10. I plan on wearing a temple dress during the sealing, but would it be appropriate to wear a white pantsuit instead of a traditional wedding dress afterwards for photos and the reception? I’d like to leave the temple wearing it, but is that even allowed??

    • Hi Elle,

      I think a pantsuit would be lovely. I would suggest you talk to the temple matron at the temple where you’ll be sealed. There is usually a dressing room where the temple workers change that is near the front of the temple. Perhaps you can change there into your pant suit just before you exit. But the temple matron will know for sure.

      Otherwise, you could always change at a nearby restaurant for your photos, or at your reception center.


  11. I have a somewhat unique question for you, My husband and I were married civilly shortly after he was baptized in the church (I myself converted 5 years ago) I’m planning to wear a temple dress for our sealing, our only problem is that when we get sealed this fall I will be 7-8 months pregnant and I can’t seem to find a temple dress that will fit comfortably or modestly while expecting.
    Our Bishop assured us that it wouldn’t be a problem and we all agree that we would like to be sealed before the baby comes.
    Do you think this will be a problem? Any advice on where to look for a maternity temple dress and other items needed for our sealing/endowment?
    Thanks so much in advance!

    • Hi Jay,

      First, congratulations on being sealed. I’m so happy for you.
      And congratulations on your new baby.

      I would suggest you look for temple clothes that have an empire waist. If you can’t find one, then look for (or make if you can) a simple white long skirt with an elastic waist line. Pair that with a simple white loose blouse.

      The other items you’d need for the sealing can be purchased at your local church distribution center. Your Bishop or Relief Society president will be able to give you numbers and directions.

      All happiness to you and your family,

  12. Hi! First of all, I loved the article! It was very helpful. I am getting married soon, and I have one question that hasn’t been discussed yet. I am experimenting with hairstyles that have involve flowers in them. I’d like to wear flowers in my hair in the temple if possible, but is it appropriate to do so?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      As lovely as flowers are in bridal hairstyles, they most likely will not work in the temple. Even if allowed, which I don’t think they would be (call the temple and ask the temple matron) they would interfere with your veil. You may want to experiment with the flowers in any case though, because after your sealing and before you exit the temple for your pictures, you could add the flowers to your hairstyle. I’d love to see pictures of your hair on your wedding day. Maybe you’d like to share with our readers?

      Have a beautiful wedding!


  13. Hi there,

    I absolutely loved this article! I am a convert and can’t ask any family members… I will be getting endowed the day before we get married. How can I know if my wedding dress will cover everything? (Low low at the front and back for example?)

    • Hi Shara, I’m so happy you enjoyed the article. Your dress should have sleeves that cover your shoulders, and your top and back collar should not be much lower than your collar bone. You can always take your dress to the temple and ask a temple matron. And even faster and easier, ask a member of the relief society in your ward who’s already been to the temple. She’ll be able to let you know. Here’s to a beautiful wedding. :0) Rose

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