LDS Temple Marriage…Forever!


“Marriage is so central, so fundamental, to everything that we know and understand in the gospel.”

“We enter into an eternal or celestial marriage and know that our family will be together forever, ultimately. In many of the temples there will be mirrors on each side of the room and if you stand between the mirrors there is a corridor of diminishing images, that moves on as far as you can see. And it seems as though you are looking into eternity.”

“That double effect into infinity of the mirrors is such a glorious expression of the way in which Mormon theology transcends the generations and the marriage for eternity. And eternity both backwards and forward, so to say, in which in a very simple way, is mighty simple.”

“And the things that are eternal in the temple are our families and our family relationships, that link us together as far back as we can go and as far forward as we can think.”

“We live in mortal life and we live together in love and children are born to us and then in due time, when we reach mature years, as is the case with everyone, eventually the spirit and the body are separated in the process we call death. And one by one we go through the veil. But there we will assemble. And in due course our children and their children and their children come, and those family ties are intact. It’s a marvelous thing! Man could not have invented that. It came by revelation, supernal idea.”

“I don’t know how to speak about heaven in the traditional, lovely, paradisiac beauty that we speak of heaven; I wouldn’t know how to speak of heaven without my wife or my children. It would it would not be heaven for me. Now you can say that’s wishful thinking, or you can say that’s just because you love each other, and you’ve gotten cozy here on earth, and you like each other’s company. It’s a lot more than that! There is something eternal in the statement that ‘neither is the man without the woman, nor the woman without the man in the Lord.’ That isn’t just good sociology, that is theology, it’s eternal.”

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  1. A coisa mais importante que podemos conseguir nesta vida e ter nossa familia connosco na eternidade e partilhar alegria perfeita junto com nosso pai Eterno e Nosso Salvador Jesus Cristo

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