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Choosing flowers for LDS weddings, Photos,
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Flowers play a huge role in any wedding, regardless of the size of the wedding or the wedding theme. Combining the right kind of flowers into the bridal bouquets can turn them into a masterpiece, and topping a wedding cake with the correct blooms of fresh flowers transforms it into the focal point of the room. Even when flowers aren’t front and center, they are forming a beautiful backdrop for the entire wedding day. Flowers also tie together the visual elements of a wedding reception into a unified whole. Since wedding flowers are so important, they deserve a generous amount of a bride’s time and attention during the wedding planning process.

Wedding flowers will be a main element of the wedding pictures, as the LDS bride and all her bridesmaids will be carrying bouquets and the groom and groomsmen will be wearing boutonnieres. They will adorn the wedding reception site, and let’s not forget the all-important bouquet toss at the end of the night. Brides might want to make a checklist of bouquets and arrangements that they’ll need to order for the special day. So, remember…read more

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