Where to Find LDS Mother of the Bride Dresses

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The Father of the Bride has it easy: he just has to rent a tuxedo and show up to your daughter’s wedding. But as an LDS woman, you’ll need to do a little more digging to find a suitable, flattering, and modest mother of the bride dress.

Department Stores

If you’ve set foot in the formal wear section of any department store in the last few decades, you’ll notice that your selection as an LDS woman is slim pickings. Many formal gowns will be sleeveless, backless, or strapless, but not all of them. You may find a gem if you’re willing to spend a little extra time searching through the racks. 

Online Formal Wear Retailers

Buying formal and evening wear online has gotten really popular in the last few years. Get on the worldwide web and start shopping. Start with department stores that are in your area (this will make returns easy). You will find a much larger selection online than what can be carried in the store. Some online retailers are able to price their dresses more competitively and offer a wider selection than traditional stores. Make sure that you understand the return policy, just in case you don’t like the dress once you try it on at home.

Altering a Store Bought Dress at Home

Even if you can’t locate a dress that is perfectly modest in every way, maybe you can find one that lends itself to some easy modifications. A dress that is just slightly too short could have a 3-inch border or ruffle sewed along the bottom. Some dresses can have sleeves added to them; others may just need a dressy wrap or jacket thrown over the shoulders.

Specialty LDS Formal Wear Stores

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In some states, such as Utah, Idaho and California, Latter-day Saints are often able to visit specialty LDS retailers who understand Mormon standards of modesty and sell formal wear that is appropriate for an LDS mother of the bride. Even if you don’t live in Salt Lake City, specialty LDS dress stores often have an online presence so you can shop from anywhere in the world. Remember, no matter where you ultimately find your mother of the bride dress, the most important thing is that the dress fits you and that its cut flatters your figure. Of course all eyes will be on the bride, but you deserve to look your best, too! 

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