Mother of the Bride: How to Dress for Different Weddings

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Depending on the season of the wedding, the mothers of the bride will need to dress appropriately. Likewise, whether the wedding is casual or formal will also decide how to dress. This guide for mothers of the bride can help them to pick their perfect ensemble for any type of LDS wedding.

What to Wear to a Theme Wedding

When there is a theme to a wedding and/or reception, should mothers of the bride dress to match the theme, or not? That’s a good question to ask your daughter and future son-in-law. It all depends on their choice, as well as how other immediate family members are dressing. If the theme is vintage, Asian, or Renaissance, for example, dressing to match could be fun. Just make sure to get a second opinion on your dress before the final purchase.

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What to Wear to a Casual LDS Wedding

It can be tricky to pick the right mother of the bride outfit for a casual LDS wedding. In general, dressing down is appropriate for receptions held in the cultural hall of the chapel. Sequins, beading, and shiny material should be kept to a minimum. Two-piece dresses and knee-length skirts are appropriate alternatives to a mother of the bride gown. Look to the bride to make sure you aren’t dressing more formally than she is.

What to Wear to a Formal LDS Wedding

While you can sometimes get away with wearing something you already own for a casual wedding, you’ll probably need to buy something special for a formal wedding. Formal affairs, especially in the evening, call for floor-length dresses with a little more fullness to the skirt. Accessories such as gloves, a matching purse, or a wrap also complete the look, but be careful with jeweled hair accessories that rival the bride’s.

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What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Wedding

Spring or summer weddings are a great opportunity to bring out your favorite soft or sunny colors. The traditional neutral-color rule for mothers of the bride is relaxed in the spring and summer, and you can wear dresses in soft yellow, pale or dark pink, or lavender. Light, flowing dresses, as well as tea length or knee length styles, look great. Flat heels and open-toed shoes are more acceptable during the spring and summer.

What to Wear to a Fall or Winter Wedding

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For weddings during the fall and winter seasons, mothers of the wedding couple should look for autumn colors and richer, darker shades like plum, maroon, dark blue, forest green, or chocolate. Heavier materials like velvet, longer skirts, and more structured dress cuts are appropriate. Avoid open-toed shoes as well as short sleeves.

Every type of wedding means a different dress code for the mother of the bride. Dress to fit the occasion by matching the theme, season, and mood of the wedding. Regardless, make sure to ask the advice of the bride or groom before you make your final selection.

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