How to Plan an Engagement Party

How to give an Engagement Party for an LDS couple
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Has your daughter recently broken the news to you that she’s engaged? If she’s planning her wedding already, then the pressure is on.

Traditionally, one of the first things the mother of the bride does is put together an engagement party to celebrate the good news with the rest the family and close friends.

The engagement party is a nice way to set things off on the right foot before you buckle down with all the hard work of wedding planning ahead of you.

Setting an Engagement Party Date

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Engagement parties usually occur a month or two after the engagement, but it really depends on the length of your daughter’s engagement. Anytime more than 6 months prior to the wedding is considered acceptable.

That’s okay if everyone invited has known about the engagement for a while. The purpose of an engagement party is to celebrate the engagement, not to announce it. It also provides a way for the bride’s family to meet members of the groom’s family, and vice versa.

If there is less than 6 months between the engagement and the wedding, it might be best to host a very informal party or get together.

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Where to Have an Engagement Party

The Engagement Party can be hosted at a variety of locations. You can choose to have an informal gathering of the brides’ and grooms’ families and have a backyard barbeque or picnic. Another option is to host an engagement open house with hors d’oeuvres and desserts as your guests mingle. If you desire a more formal venue, or one that does not require catering, a restaurant or small event center would be appropriate.

Creating the Engagement Party Guest List

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The number of wedding guests, as well as the size of the party location, determines how many guests are invited to an engagement party. All guests who are invited to the engagement party should also be invited to the wedding reception.

Engagement Party Gifts

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Tradition dictates that gifts are not expected at engagement parties. The best way to inform your guests that gifts are not expected is on the invitation. A small statement like “Please no gifts” at the bottom of the invitation is appropriate.

If you are having a small informal gathering between the two families you could have a small gift for the groom’s mother such as a plant.

As mother of the bride, the first traditional duty is to plan and organize an engagement party. This announces and celebrates the engagement and starts a relationship between members of the brides’ and grooms’ families.

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