Wedding Dress Wrinkle Removal:

How an LDS bride can Steam a Wedding Dress
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Guidelines for Steaming/Pressing Your Gown

It would hardly make any sense to splurge on a wedding gown worth hundreds of dollars just to show up in wrinkles. Every LDS bride needs to be dressed in a freshly pressed or ironed wedding gown, so she looks great in pictures and feels good being the center of attention.

Most bridal wear retailers steam the dress for free when you purchase a wedding gown from them, but if you make your own wedding dress or happen to get a dress from a store that doesn’t offer pressing and steaming, you’ll need to take care of that little detail yourself.

Wedding Dress Embellisments

Wedding dress fabrics and embellishments are much more delicate and sensitive to heat than the everyday fabrics most people are used to ironing, so proceed with caution. One mistake can end up being costly if it ruins the wedding gown. Just the thought of accidentally melting or burning their wedding dress is enough to make most brides let a professional take over.

If you do decide to iron your wedding dress yourself, be extremely careful! Check the manufacturer’s instructions for wedding dress wrinkle removal first, to make sure that ironing is appropriate for the fabrics used in the dress’s construction. Set your iron to the lowest possible heat, and test it first on an inconspicuous area of the dress. If everything seems okay, you can work your way up the dress.

Ironing simply isn’t appropriate for many types of bridal materials, so many brides need to steam the wrinkles out of their wedding dress instead.

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The poor man’s way to steam a garment is to hang it on a hook in the bathroom and run a hot shower for at least 20 minutes, but it often ends in less-than-desirable results. It may take out some of the minor wrinkles, but any major creases will usually require the assistance of a garment steamer.

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Professional dry cleaners will steam or press wedding dresses, but brides can also purchase a handheld steamer for their own use at home. Portable steamers can cost as little as $20, and you can use them for all sorts of lightweight or delicate pieces of clothing (not just your wedding dress) that aren’t appropriate for ironing.

Whether you choose to do the ironing or steaming of your wedding dress yourself or let a professional tackle the job, wedding dress wrinkle removal is something all brides need to think about. When you buy your dress make sure to inquire about wedding dress pressing and steaming, and be prepared to make outside provisions if they do not offer the service.

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    • Hi Keylin, it depends on the type of material. Steaming is best (and safest) if you don’t know the type of material you have. If the dress is made from manmade fabrics, such as polyester or acrylics, you can burn the dress with too hot of an iron. So be careful. Also, if you bought the dress from a dress store, ask the folks there. Sometimes they will press your dress at a discount. :0) Rose

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