Types of Wedding Dress Embellishments

Fabric Rosettes

What is a wedding dress, if not its embellishments? It’s important to select a dress cut that flatters you, but what will really turn your dress from a piece of fabric into a stylish wedding gown is the embellishments.
From fabric to beads to lace to trim, there are a dozen different ways to spruce up your LDS wedding gown.

Fabric Rosettes

Realistic 3-dimensional flowers made from fabric can be attached to the dress to achieve a variety of looks. The size, shape, and color of the flowers drastically alters the visual impact of the flowers.

Large and small Pearls with a few Rhinestones

Wear one large rosette on the shoulder of a vintage wedding dress, or a bunch of small rosettes on one side of the waistline for a modern, slimming effect.

Pearls and Beads

Pearls are the most traditional stone for weddings, so there could hardly be anything more appropriate for embellishing your LDS wedding dress. If you are planning to wear a pearl necklace or earrings, ornamenting your dress with pearls could tie the look together.

An LDS wedding gown with appliques of lace, sequins, beads, and pearls.

Beading made of alternate materials such as glass or even plastic can also look great on a LDS wedding gown. White beading adds a soft texture to your dress, but brides who want to be more daring could use colored beads to match their wedding colors. Beading is often stitched close together to create shapes like flowers, leaves, or other elements.

Crystals and Gems

Crystals are polished and reflect light, and can be used on a wedding dress in a variety of sizes and combinations.


Clear crystals add dimension to an all-white ensemble, and off-white or topaz-colored crystals add color without stealing the show. Colored crystals, because of their transparency, are a more reserved alternative to colored beading.

Gems are any imitation crystals (usually rhinestones) that are used to ornament tulle fabrics on the dress bodice or veil to visually add “weight” or substance to an otherwise gauzy material. They are usually glued onto the veil in evenly-spaced intervals, but can also be applied in a pattern.

Sequins and Paillettes

Sequined LDS wedding gown
Sequins with a few Pearls

Sequins are small, iridescent plastic discs sewed onto a dress to add texture and shine. These are common in figure skating and gymnastic costumes, but also can look fabulous when applied with finesse to portions of the wedding dress.

Paillettes are much larger than sequins, and hang from the dress by holes near the top of each disc. The paillettes move when the bride does, accenting her movement. Sequins, however, are firmly sewn in place on a dress.


LDS wedding gown with lace edging
Lace Edging

Edging is any type of ribbon, lace, embroidery, or other embellishment used as trim. A dress with edging appears finished. It is common to see edging sewn at the bottom hem of a skirt or on the sleeves of wedding dresses, and well as around the bridal veil.


Buttons on a wedding dress, whether they are functional or simply decorative, give a wedding dress a lot of pizzazz.


Buttons may be fabric-covered, uniquely-shaped, or even colored for more emphasis. Buttons are often seen going up the back of the wedding dress, even if they are purely ornamental.

There are so many options for wedding dress embellishments it’s hard to know where to begin. Regardless of the type or placement of the embellishments you choose, remember that embellishments should draw attention to your best features without overwhelming you or your dress.

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7 comments on “Types of Wedding Dress Embellishments”

    • Hi Chris, you could look up the term organza rosettes, or fabric rosettes, or fabric rosettes for wedding dresses. I looked quite a while only to find this picture, but I wasn’t able to find actual rosettes to purchase that were quite this beautiful. If I do find some, I’ll let you know, and please let me know if you find any as well so I can let others know. Have a beautiful wedding! Rose

  1. My daughter has decided to get married with a quick wedding, Sept. 17, 2011–thank goodness she’s not pregnant! Anyway, we couldn’t get the dress she wanted off the internet, because of the time shortage, (since they all come from China!!! All the stores get their dresses from China (because of the cheap labor.), and then jack the price way up!! I am retired and have very little income now. But my girl did find a beautiful mermaid style dress (strapless) for what I could afford. But, we don’t want it to be strapless. The dress we wanted has lace up over the top like little lace sleeves, and it goes on up over the back, and then connects down to the back of the dress. It is a beautiful style, and still very appropriate for a modest look. The dresses we were deciding on would have either a solid lace back, or with a lace back, with a big “peep-hole” in the back. Very beautiful.

    Anyway, we need to find out where we can get this type of an “add-on” lace top, for the strapless dress she bought, or where we can get the lace to make it ourselves and put it on ourselves.

    Does anyone know where we can get these items–without having to pay a fortune for them. Please send me an email at mills.terrie@hotmail.com ASAP. THANK YOU!

  2. Hello, I have recently bought my wedding dress. The shape really suits me but unfortunately there wasn’t as much ‘bling’ to it as I would have liked – but it was within my price range and I thought I could add to it.
    On closer inspection there is a lot of work to be done as there are beads coming off and small parts of the lace applique are broken. Anyway on to what my question is: I am trying to find a large replacement lace/rhinestone/bead applique to either add or replace what I have.

    Any ideas?? Much appreciated!!

    • Hi Janet!

      Congrats on your wedding! And yahoo for finding a gown that suits you as well.
      As far as the broken lace and beads are concerned, it will depend on how badly the damage is already done and whether you really like the lace and beads that exist as to whether you would want to take the time (or pay a seamstress to take the time) to repair it. But since you said there wasn’t much bling- you may want to start over fresh. Joanne’s Fabrics has a nice selection of appliques, but they are a little on the pricier side. If you have a Joanne’s near you, you can purchase (and see and feel) the appliques right away. I also found 2 online wholesalers for you, http://www.timelesstrims.com/c-152-appliques.aspx and http://glitzonline.com/c/Beaded_Lace.html. Both seem to have a very nice selection.
      You may also want to ask around (you didn’t mention where you live) to see if there are any seamstresses near you. Local bridal stores may be able to suggest someone for you. The seamstresses may have connections with other wholesalers who can help you as well.

      I’d love to see the results when you’re finished! Perhaps you can take before and after photos and send them to us. We could create a page of your comments and photos so other brides can learn how to better embellish.
      Have a beautiful wedding!


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