Modest Wedding Dresses: Which Neckline Fits Your Face and Body Type?

When choosing a wedding dress, make sure to think carefully about the type of neckline you choose. There is a lot of variety in modest wedding dresses and their necklines, and be advised that not all of them will look equally good on you. So which types of wedding dress necklines are the best? It depends on your bone structure and the shape of your face, neck, and shoulders.

Types of Necklines for Modest Wedding Gowns:

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Square Neck Wedding Dresses

Square necklines have gained popularity in recent years. Their geometric shape – three lines at right angles that form a square – is a modern and flattering alternative to traditional necklines. Square necks look especially good on brides with rounded facial shapes. They will emphasize a hefty build or broad shoulders, so be careful with the square neckline if that’s your body type.

Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dresses

The sweetheart neck is similar to a square neck but it is scalloped at the bottom, giving the rounded appearance of a heart. Because of its romantic symbolism and its suggestion of innocence and joy, the sweetheart neckline is an extremely popular choice for weddings. Almost any bride can pull off a sweetheart neckline, but its soft curves especially complement angular facial features and bone structures.

Bateau (Boat) Neck Wedding Dresses

Bateau neck wedding dresses have a narrow, wide slot for the neck which is very modern and chic. Bateau necklines flatter brides with slender necks and narrow shoulders, but emphasize wide necks and shoulders. One word of caution about bateau neckline for Mormon wedding dresses: make sure that the opening doesn’t extend beyond the bra straps, or there will be an issue with modesty or constantly needing to adjust the dress to cover the garments.

Scoop Neck Wedding Dresses

The U-shaped scoop neck varies in depth, from conservative to scandalous, but one that falls no more than 6 inches below the collarbone generally covers the garments. The rounded shape of the scoop neckline can be used to balance out a more linear or angular face. Full-figured brides or brides with wide faces look great in scoop necks, but brides with long necks or thin faces should avoid them.

Jewel Neck Wedding Dresses

Jewel necks are circular and fit fairly tightly around the neck. They are more often seen in casual wear than in bridal gowns, but they work with certain types of wedding dresses. Since the jewel neck hugs the neck fairly closely, they work best for slender necks and should be avoided by brides with wide necks or broad shoulders.

V-Neck Wedding Dresses

V-necks are classic necklines and look good on almost anyone. They are generally seen in casual wear, but V-necks are a wonderful choice to visually “lengthen out” the features of brides who have short necks or faces. They are also generally a good choice for someone with a rounded, softer face.

Surplice Neckline Wedding Dresses

Similar to a bathrobe, the surplice neckline forms a V shape with one side overlapping the other. A surplice wedding dress with frog closures lining the overlapping hem looks very exotic. The surplice neckline balances round facial features and adds length to the face and neck. It is a very popular neckline for women’s formalwear, and it’s easy to find surplice bridesmaids’ dresses to complement the bride’s gown.

How to Choose a Flattering Wedding Dress Neckline

In the end, you want to choose a neckline that flatters your face and build. Aim for balance: rounded faces should choose angular necklines, and angular faces should choose rounded necklines. Broad-shouldered and full-figured brides should choose vertical lines over horizontal ones. Narrow faces or long, thin necks are emphasized by vertical lines and need horizontal ones to balance them out.

By thinking about balance in your choice of a neckline, you’ll be able to instinctively choose one that flatters your particular body type and the shape of your neck and face.

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