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DIY Wedding Dresses

Does looking at the price tag on an off-the-rack wedding dress at a bridalwear store make you sick to your stomach? Or maybe you’d prefer to have a completely unique dress that is handmade just for you. Whatever the reason you’re considering making your own wedding dress, here are a few simple helps and guidelines to ensure your success.

Is a DIY Wedding Dress for You?

First, make sure you’re up to the challenge. Sewing a wedding dress will more than likely take even an experienced seamstress a month or more, and with all the other details you’ll need to plan for the wedding it may cause you more stress than it’s worth.

This is especially the case if you’re not a strong seamstress, or if you aren’t experienced with sewing formal dresses. The heavy weight and slippery quality of silk, sateen, and taffeta can be really hard to cut, sew, and work with. Make sure you feel confident that you can do it before you begin.

Second, if your goal is to save money, don’t assume that making your own dress will always be cheaper. Wedding dress fabrics can be really expensive, especially if you will be paying a seamstress or tailor for part or all of the dress. Price out your options before embarking on a DIY wedding dress adventure.

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How to Sew a Wedding Gown – Instructions for a Homemade Wedding Dress

In some ways, the hardest part of sewing your own wedding dress is deciding what you want. Scour bridal magazines and bridal dress patterns for ideas, taking special note of styles, cuts, fabrics, and trim that you particularly like. It’s probably a good idea to keep a dedicated folder for your research and notes.

Once you’ve got lots of ideas, start narrowing them down. Eliminate cuts and styles that don’t flatter your body type, and browse local fabric stores to get a feel for what is out there.

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Pick out a bridal dress pattern that has the bare bones structure you’re looking for. It’s okay if it’s not perfect down to the very last detail – the beauty of sewing is that you can customize the finished product by lengthening or shortening hemlines and adding or omitting details as you see fit.

Always sew mock-up dress out of muslin before cutting and sewing with the really expensive stuff. You could prevent making a costly mistake with the bridal fabric if you practice once with muslin. Once you’ve done a “final fitting” with the mock-up, you can also just unstitch it and use it as a pattern for your real fabric. Just sew it and you have a perfectly fitted dress.

Once the body of the dress is complete, make sure the fit is satisfactory before adding trim and decorative beading, lace, or other adornment.

Other Money Saving DIY Wedding Gown Tips

If the real reason you want to attempt a DIY wedding dress is to save money, make sure to evaluate all your options for saving money on a dress. You could rent a dress, buy a used wedding dress, or even wear a white or off-white formal dress intended to be a prom dress or bridesmaid’s gown.

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