LDS Wedding Toasts
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LDS Wedding Toasts and Speeches

Toasting to the happiness of the bride and groom is an honored wedding tradition. It’s often done at the groom’s dinner and especially at the reception or open house. Fun, non-alcoholic wedding speeches and toasts are possible for your LDS wedding – but require careful planning if you want them to go as expected.

The best time to do the wedding reception toasts is just before dinner is served or just after the plates are removed from the tables. No one should have to divide their attention between the toasts and a plate full of food.

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A toast can be as short as 30 seconds, or a longer speech of 3-5 minutes is also appropriate. The order of those giving toasts or speeches should be determined well in advance, so everyone involved knows when to speak. It generally goes something like this:
1. Father of the bride (mother of the bride)
2. Father of the groom (mother of the groom)
3. Maid of honor
4. Best man
5. Groom
6. Bride

Toasting is a great way to show unity and to hear from the people you love most at your wedding

Of course, the makeup of your wedding party and your family relationships (as well as whether you’re also planning a ring ceremony at the reception) dictate what makes the most sense for you.

At an LDS wedding reception or open house, speeches and toasts stay more formal and straight-laced. At the groom’s dinner, traditionally held the night before the wedding, you can be more casual, funnier, and more irreverent in your toast. People usually volunteer to toast at the groom’s dinner; they must be asked by the bride and groom to toast at the reception.

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Toasting is a great way to show unity and to hear from the people you love most at your wedding: your parents, wedding party members, and each other. Supposedly the wedding toast originated from the belief that clinking glasses together would chase away evil spirits… but you don’t have to believe that in order to enjoy a good toast at your wedding reception. Just remember to chill the sparking apple cider!

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