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Most brides will be sporting a second ring after the wedding: the wedding band. When it comes to women’s wedding rings, there are two challenges. One is finding the right wedding band, the other is figuring out the right way to wear it after the wedding!

Many women’s wedding bands are sold with the engagement ring as a “bridal set,” but that isn’t always an option. The bride may not like the wedding band in the set, or the couple might want to design their own unique engagement ring for which there is no matching band. In these cases the wedding ring doesn’t have to match exactly, but it does need to have similar styling and metal if worn with the engagement ring.

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Plain metal wedding bands were once standard issue, but in recent decades wedding rings have enjoyed a revival in style and flare. Today’s wedding bands are often set with diamonds and other stones. What you choose depends largely on your budget and how much sparkle you personally prefer on one finger.

Traditionally, the wedding and engagement rings are worn together on the left ring finger with the wedding band on the inside, symbolically worn closest to the heart. You may have the two rings soldered together by your jeweler on request, but generally it isn’t necessary.

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If you have a truly unique engagement ring that doesn’t lend itself to a complement, or you don’t want to wear your rings on the same finger, consider:

• Wearing the engagement ring on the right hand, the wedding band on the left
• Wearing the engagement ring on a chain around the neck and the wedding band on the finger (or vice versa)
• Removing the engagement ring and wearing the wedding ring only
• Re-purposing the stones and/or metals from your engagement ring into earrings or a pendant

Lastly, remember that wedding bands should be purchased one to two months before the wedding to allow adequate time to resize or make adjustments before the big day. No matter what your choice, you can find a beautiful women’s wedding ring that adds to the beauty of your engagement ring.

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