Wedding Ring Shopping While on a Budget

A groom holds LDS wedding rings
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When it comes to shopping for the engagement and wedding ring of your dreams, “budget” can seem like a dirty word. Even though your personal finances may set some limits on what you can and can’t afford to wear around your ring finger, you can still get a great ring that’s within your price range by understanding how ring pricing actually works.

The price of wedding rings varies widely, depending on the makeup of the ring. White gold and platinum bands are both silver in color, but the cost of difference is substantial. A budget-friendly solution is to consider the less costly of two similar options, like choosing white gold rather than platinum.

LDS wedding ring, bezel setting
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Likewise, diamond price depends on more than just carat size. Diamonds are classified into tiers by their color and clarity. Less expensive diamonds may be slightly less white, but will only be noticed if it is placed beside a “perfect” diamond. Most diamonds also have imperfections that can only be seen under a microscope, so it makes good financial sense to purchase a less expensive stone with a few more invisible imperfections than a diamond in the next tier up.

Many factors influence the final purchase price of a ring, so ask a jeweler to help you to choose one that falls within your budget. The finished ring will not only be beautiful, it will also be affordable!

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