Wedding Ring Engraving

LDS ring engraved
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Engraving your wedding rings is the ultimate in customization, and it’s like a little private love note from your spouse that only you know about when you’re wearing your ring.

Your jeweler can get your rings engraved, with machine engraving starting at about $1 per character with a choice of fonts. (Hand engraving costs about five times more.) The number of characters you can have depends on the size and width of your wedding bands.

Wedding Ring Inscription Ideas

Choosing a wedding ring engraving is no small task: how do you sum up your entire relationship and the depth of your feelings in 20 characters or less?

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Traditional Ring Inscriptions never go out of style and generally include the first names or initials of the couple and their wedding date.
• Zack + Anna 10.15.2010
• ST to CP – June 21, 2007
• Johnson, Est. 2009

Surprise Notes are a short declaration from one spouse to the other, usually unknown to the other spouse until the wedding day.
• I love you – Michael
• Forever – Jayne
• The sweetest thing – SJ

“His” and “Hers” Ring Engravings could be as simple as “his” inscribed on the groom’s ring and “hers” inscribed on the bride’s (for couples with a sense of humor,) or they could be a two-part saying that begins with one ring and is completed on the other. Examples of two part ring inscriptions are:
• I am my beloved’s / and my beloved is mine (Song of Solomon 6: 3)
• I love you / Ditto
• I love you more than chocolate / I love you more than ice cream
• Always / forever

Photo Courtesy of Whitney Lewis Photography

LDS Wedding Ring Inscriptions can be particularly meaningful, given the spiritual significance of marriage and the family to the LDS faith.
• Portland Oregon Temple – August 16, 2009
• For time and all eternity
• Families are forever
• What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (Matthew 19: 6)

Song Lyric Ring Inscriptions are especially potent when they come from your first dance song (either the title or a phrase from within the song), but they can also come from any song you like.


• All you need is love (The Beatles)
• Truly, Madly, Deeply (Savage Garden)
• You’re still the one (Shania Twain)
• It’s the way you love me (Faith Hill)
• Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Stevie Wonder)

Foreign Language Inscriptions may be appropriate for something more timeless, a cross-cultural couple, or a returned missionary couple who spoke a different language. Just be sure that your jeweler can make any special characters or accents that you’ll need.

Sentimental Wedding Ring Engravings are short phrases that are meaningful but don’t quite meander into the realm of cheesy. While this is a subjective judgment for every couple, some examples may include:

Choose a meaningful, timeless inscription that will still describe your feelings decades from now.

• To be continued…
• I am the luckier one
• Life has begun
• You’re my favorite
• I still choose you
• And they lived happily ever after

Funny Ring Inscriptions are for couples with an off-the-wall sense of humor. Just make sure that both spouses are on board with a funny engraving before going full steam ahead.

LDS ring engraved
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• One ring to rule them all
• May the force be with us
• A deal’s a deal
• Put it back on!
• Pinky Swear

Inside Jokes include any secret word or phrase that has a significance only the two of you really understand. Your spouse’s pet name or a running joke between the two of you may be perfect for a wedding ring inscription.

A wedding ring is symbolic and powerful on its own, but engraving something personal on the inside gives it a little something extra – without even adding much expense. The challenge is to choose a meaningful, timeless inscription that will still describe your feelings decades from now.

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