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The majority of wedding planning is all about the bride: her dress, her hair, her flowers. Choosing the groom’s wedding band is one area that is all about the groom. So how do you choose a good men’s wedding ring, especially for a guy who doesn’t know much about jewelry?

Order the groom’s wedding band a month or two in advance to allow for delivery and any sizing adjustments. Some couples like the romantic symbolism of choosing rings with similar styles or colors, but it’s also fine to have a groom’s wedding ring that’s nothing like the bride’s. When it comes to the groom’s ring, his stylistic preferences have the final say.

The most important feature of a men’s wedding ring is the type of metal used. Some men have a preference between silver and gold, but others may simply shrug. Try to choose a metal that coordinates with the watches, tie tacks, cuff links, or other jewelry in his wardrobe. Popular men’s wedding ring metals include:

• Gold – the most traditional choice with a rich, yellow color in 14k or 18k.
• White Gold – 14k or 18k gold plated with rhodium (needs occasional re-plating).
• Platinum – hypoallergenic and durable white metal, heavier and costlier than gold.
• Palladium – naturally white metal similar to platinum, but more affordable.
• Titanium – hypoallergenic gray or black metal that is almost weightless, cannot be resized.
• Tungsten Carbide – strongest existing ring metal, steel gray in color, cannot be resized.
• Cobalt Chrome – white as platinum but strong as titanium, durable and scratch resistant.
• Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver – not precious metals but good for couples on a budget.

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Once you’ve chosen your ring metal of choice, you want to look at the other features you want your ring to have. Men’s wedding bands used to be fairly boring and predictable, but not anymore. Rings with colors, patterns, or two-tone designs are common. Many men’s rings also feature diamonds or other precious stones in channel or flush settings.

Choosing the groom’s wedding ring can be fun. It may be intimidating for men who aren’t that into jewelry, but knowing the options ahead of time can make the process easier and help you end up with a ring that you’ll be happy wearing for the rest of your life.

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