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Getting sealed in an LDS Temple is the most important day of an LDS bride’s life – and the perfect way to document it is with wedding pictures on temple grounds. Photography isn’t allowed inside the temple for the sealing, but couples can take pictures anywhere they like on temple grounds before or after the ceremony.

Temple grounds offer beautiful scenery for outdoor pictures no matter what the season of the year, both because they are meticulously landscaped and because the temple has a symbolic beauty all its own. Outdoor photos are always pretty to look at, but temple grounds pictures also have a spiritual dimension to your photographs that makes them even more special.

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Because the LDS temple is a holy place, it’s important to remind guests about what type of behavior is appropriate on temple grounds while the photographs are being taken. Those who are not Latter-day Saints will need to know that the LDS temple is more than just a wedding venue; people come to worship at the temple, so guests’ behavior on temple grounds should not detract from the spiritual experience of anyone else who is coming to the temple that day. Be quiet and respectful, as if you were outside of a church.

The wedding photographer should also understand the significance of the temple to you personally. Even if he or she is Mormon, you still need to briefly describe your feelings about the temple and how you would like it featured in your photographs. Talk in specific terms, giving a number of photos that you would like to have the temple be included in. Mention these “must have” shots on temple grounds that every couple should have:

LDS Temple wedding, LDS bride, LDS groom
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  • Exiting the temple after the sealing
  • Holding hands or kissing in front of the temple
  • A close up shot of the bride and groom with the temple spire overhead
  • A shot from behind of the bride and groom looking toward the temple together

It’s a good idea to visit beforehand (with your photographer, if possible) to explore temple grounds and find the best picture-taking locations. Look beyond just the front lawn of the temple. Some temples have pretty pathways winding all the way around the temple, and others may have grassy areas with benches and flowers that extend quite a way off from the temple itself. Look for all picture-taking opportunities where they are afforded. Formal shots framed against a beautiful backdrop of fresh greenery look wonderful.

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Temple grounds are quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and spiritual. What more could you ask for in a wedding photography location? Portraits of the wedding party and family members look great with the temple landscaping in the background, and shots that include the temple spire represent the focal point of your wedding day. You can also round out your temple grounds pictures with photos at the reception site afterwards.

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