Styles of Wedding Photography

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Long after your LDS wedding day is over, how will you remember it? Of course you think that you will never forget the dress you wore, how your groom looked in his tuxedo, and how you and your family members felt on the happy occasion. But without wedding pictures, memories fade fast. That’s why wedding photography is so essential for your special day. You’ll leaf through your wedding scrap book year after year, and your children and grandchildren will someday want to see it. But before you go out and hire a professional wedding photographer, there are a few things you need to know. Think about artists for a moment. No one would say that all paintings are alike. There are many different schools of painting: cubism, surrealism, modernism, and so on. Wedding photographers are artists who use a camera as a medium, and not all belong to the same school or style of photography.

Traditional Wedding Photography

The school of photography that has been around the longest is the traditional “portrait-style” picture. The photographer generally poses people in a group and takes a picture of them all smiling at the camera. Almost everyone wants at least a few of these shots at their wedding to help document the wedding day.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

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Photo Courtesy of Doug Miranda Photography

Wedding photojournalism has become a very popular method for capturing weddings on film. The photojournalist avoids posing subjects or staging shots, preferring to be a fly on the wall and capture the spontaneous moments of the day as they unfold. Photojournalism is generally very natural, authentic, and emotional. A series of still shots truly tells the story of your wedding day.

One note about photojournalists: some are purists and really don’t like to stage shots at all. They may be resistant to taking pictures of you posing with your mother or maid of honor. So if you are looking for a mix of traditional portraits and photojournalism, choose a photographer who doesn’t mind doing both.

Black and White Wedding Photography

LDS groom, LDS bride, LDS weddings
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Wedding scrap books with all black-and-white photographs have a feeling of timelessness about them. It gives them a certain air of elegance that colored photographs just can’t match. Photojournalists often photograph in black and white, but the technique can be used by anyone.

Modern and Untraditional Wedding Photography

LDS Salt Lake City Temple, LDS wedding, LDS groom, LDS bride
Photography: Courtesy of Photos by Wendy G.

Many wedding photographers, brides, and grooms like to try something a little different with their pictures. Modern photographers experiment with colors, with the bride in white contrasted with bright red shoes for example. Untraditional poses like serious (i.e.: no smiling) pictures of the wedding couple are also popular in modern wedding photography. Sometimes, modern wedding photographers take advantage of photo editing technology to create more visually dramatic effects.

Before hiring any wedding photographer for your wedding day, look at their portfolio and ask questions to find out more about their preferred style. The good news is that most photographers are not strictly one school or another, but are happy to employ a blend of styles in their wedding portfolio.

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