Pictures List for Your LDS Wedding

LDS groom on his Temple Sealing Day
Photo Courtesy of Amelia Lyon Photography

Work carefully with your wedding photographer to determine what types of shots will be included throughout the wedding day. Consider “must have” shots like:

  • Groom buttoning up his vest or putting his shoes on
  • Bride putting on her makeup or earrings
  • Close up shots of the bride’s jewelry and hairstyle
  • Just the bride, just the groom
  • Bride with all the bridesmaids, groom with all the groomsmen
  • Bride with all the groomsmen, groom with all the bridesmaids (these make cute shots)
  • Bride with bridesmaid, groom with the best man
  • Bride and her mother
  • Couple with bride’s family, couple with groom’s family
  • Couple kissing
  • Groom with the bride under her veil
  • Couple with the temple in the background
  • LDS Salt Lake City Temple, LDS weddings, LDS bride, LDS groom
    Photography: Courtesy of Photos by Wendy G.
  • Close up shot of bride and groom’s shoes as they stand beside each other
  • Wedding party when they don’t realize they’re being photographed
  • Close up of wedding rings and bouquet
  • Couple exiting the temple after the sealing
  • Pictures of the ring ceremony at the reception
  • Bride and groom shaking hands and hugging well wishers in the reception line
  • Couple’s first dance
  • Cutting the wedding cake
  • Throwing the bouquet
LDS bride, LDS groom, LDS temple wedding
Photo Courtesy of DeLane Robinson Photography

Taking pictures on temple grounds is a very important part of the day. Make sure that the photographer you choose understands the spiritual significance of the temple. To you, it is more than just a wedding venue: it is a powerful symbol of your religious commitments to God and your spouse. Even if your photographer is a Latter-day Saint, never assume that they understand your feelings about the temple or how you would like to portray that in your wedding pictures. Be specific in how many and what kinds of poses you would like to include the temple spire.
Great shots include:

  • The couple kissing or looking at each other in front of the temple
  • The couple holding hands and facing toward the temple (photo is taken from behind)
  • A shot taken from the ground looking upward at the bride, groom, and temple (emphasizing the soaring height of the temple spire)
  • The groom “dipping” the bride in front of the temple (the contrast of the informal pose and the elegance of the temple and the wedding gown are delightful)
  •  The couple beneath an umbrella outside the temple (this is great on rainy or very sunny or even snowy days)

Taking pictures outside the temple allows you to depict the importance of the sealing ordinance in your wedding pictures, and it also offers beautiful scenery. Temple grounds are always beautifully landscaped, just perfect for taking pictures. Use the surrounding trees, flowers, and plants as backdrops for your pictures. Benches and landscaped trails are often located on temple grounds and make great additions to your photos. Encourage your wedding photographer to visit the LDS temple’s grounds ahead of time, preferably at the time of day you’ll be taking your photos, to scout out the best picture-taking locations and assess where the best light will be.

LDS Salt Lake City Temple, LDS bride, LDS groom for
Photography: Courtesy of Photos by Wendy G.

Since even the smallest LDS wedding is sure to involve lots of immediate family and wedding party members so it’s important to write and distribute not only the checklist but also an itinerary ahead of time. For example, if the wedding is scheduled at 2 P.M., then a wedding photo itinerary could read:

Bride and groom pictures 11:30 – 12:30

(list the location and/or pose)

Wedding party pictures 12:30 – 1

(list the locations, poses, and the names of those involved)

Family pictures 1 – 1:30

(list the locations, poses, and the names of those involved)

Not only does this give an indication to the photographer of how much time they’ve got to work with, it gets everybody on the same page. If everyone has a copy of the itinerary, then they know when they need to be present. No one will have to stand around being bored waiting for their turn and you won’t have to worry about all your family being ready when it’s time for the family photos.

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