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In order to appreciate one’s LDS temple wedding (sealing), LDS brides and grooms need to understand what is (and isn’t) going to happen inside the temple. There are sad stories about LDS brides who entered the temple with no idea what to expect out of their LDS wedding and emerged disappointed at the lack of fanfare in the sealing ceremony. Even though the temple is intricate, the sealing ceremony is not ostentatious. It is a short, simple ceremony with a beauty that LDS couples find hard to put into words. There is no music or processional, no walking down the aisle and no wedding party. The bride and groom wear white, plus the ceremonial clothes used in the endowment. Guests at the sealing wear their best Sunday dress clothes. As discussed, all guests must have LDS temple recommends and the guest list is recommended to be limited to only family and very close friends.

LDS temple wedding
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After some words of personal counsel from the temple sealer, the couple kneels across the altar from each other. The words of the ceremony are brief, so couples want to listen hard for the promises they are making and for the blessings promised them. Both bride and groom have the opportunity to say “yes” (not “I do”) when asked if they accept the terms of a temple sealing. After the sealing is over, the bride and groom may exchange rings and a kiss, although this is not part of the temple sealing ceremony and could appropriately be done instead at a ring ceremony at the wedding reception afterward.

Be aware that the Temple may be running late and waiting outside can be a tedious time for those guests who are not invited to the Sealing Ceremony. LDS brides and grooms may want to consider having a host/hostess for guests waiting outside the Temple. Or, inform these guests what time you will be taking pictures. That way your guests are happy and present at just the right time.

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Note from the editor:

We at encourage you to go back to the temple often as a couple. As soon as possible, attend a sealing ceremony together. The first time you’re sealed, looking into your new eternal companion’s eyes, everything becomes a blur. But the blessings and promises made when you make your covenants are so important and beautiful. It’s good to hear those promises again and again, and time in the temple together will strengthen your relationship! Have a wonderful married life! Rose Haller, editor;

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