LDS Groom’s Checklist

LDS Groom's Checklist

LDS Groom's Checklist
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Traditionally the groom is responsible for a few things on his own and these may include:

  • Remain temple worthy and true and faithful to all your temple covenant
  • You and your bride-to-be meet with your bishop(s)
    Make sure that both you and your bride have current temple recommends
  • Obtain a marriage license from the local authority (you may need to have a blood test first)
  • Obtain a “Recommend for Living Ordinances” from your Bishop(s) and Stake Presidents(s)Schedule the day and time for the temple sealing room
  • Select/arrange for a temple sealer

    LDS groom's checklist,
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  • Buy your bride to be her wedding ring
  • Choose your best man and groomsmen and be sure they can make the dates
  • Remind all men in the wedding party to get measured and order their tuxedos
  • Purchase gifts for groomsmen
  • Prepare a toast (or delegate the toast) for the wedding reception rehearsal dinner
  • Prepare your speech for the ring ceremony at the wedding reception(s)
  • Arrange transportation for the wedding and reception day(s) and for the honeymoon
  • Some guests are from out of town, the groom should ensure they have accommodations
  • Plan the honeymoon together with your bride
  • Book the honeymoon flight, hotel/resort and ground transportation (Get written confirmation)
  • If you are going overseas for your honeymoon ensure both of your Passports are current
  • Decide the address where you two will live together after the temple sealing
  • If your bride has not yet received her temple endowments – (We suggest she goes a few days in advance) go with her to the temple

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