Learn the Symbolism of Flowers’ Colors for your LDS Wedding

Flowers' color's meaning
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If you’re not sure what colors you’d like to feature in your wedding bouquet, then tradition can be a great starting point. Each flower color has a universally accepted “meaning,” which can be helpful to know when you are trying to choose wedding flowers. Learn here what each color means and what type of wedding it is appropriate for.

Red Wedding Flowers

pink wedding flowers
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Red flowers symbolize love. Dark shades of red suggest a deep, mature type of love and may be appropriate for a couple who were childhood sweethearts. Bright shades suggest a fiery passionate love, and may be appropriate for a couple who experienced love at first sight and had a short courtship.

White Wedding Flowers
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Pink Wedding Flowers

Pink flowers mean happiness and kindness. Pink wedding flowers are caring, generous, and decidedly feminine. Using them in your bridal bouquet can show the soft side of your relationship and add a fun, carefree touch to the ceremony.

White Wedding Flowers

White symbolizes purity and innocence, which is one of the reasons why white is featured so many bridal bouquets. White colored flowers are simultaneously youthful and elegant. They are a popular choice because they also go with any color.

Peach Wedding Flowers
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Peach Wedding Flowers

 Peach is a very comforting color that evokes feelings of peace, friendship, and caring concern. For a very compassionate couple, using peach in their wedding floral arrangements might be appropriate.

Orange Wedding Flowers

Orange and Yellow Wedding Flowers
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Orange means energy, enthusiasm, pride, and confidence. Eye-catching orange flowers are anything but bashful, so they should be reserved for the outgoing bride and groom who enjoy being the center of attention. Orange also suggests fashion and a strong sense of style.

Yellow Wedding Flowers

Yellow is the color of sunshine, and looking at a wedding bouquet of bright yellow blooms you can’t help but feel joy. Yellow is appropriate for optimistic couples who look on the bright side and enjoy bringing happiness to each other.

Green Wedding Flowers for LDS weddings
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Green Wedding Flowers

Green is the color of nature, growth, and life. Wedding bouquets using green suggest health and a holistic life outlook. Green is great for brides and grooms who care deeply about the environment, believe in the resilient power of the human spirit to renew itself, or see the connection between physical, mental, and emotional health.

Blue Wedding Flowers

Blue wedding flowers and seashells
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Blue, the color of the vast ocean, is the color of tranquility and oneness. Blue is a calming color that eases worries and anxieties. It is appropriate for quiet, introspective brides and grooms. Baby blue shades evoke feelings of peace and harmony, while a deep royal blue symbolizes a regal calmness.

Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple LDS wedding flowers
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Deep purple shades evoke a feeling of royalty and dignity. They can be very dramatic and regal. Lavender, on the other hand, suggests a mature, feminine grace that is both youthful and wise – many people say that lavender is “grown-up pink.” The lighter shades of purple represent refinement and a delicate nature. Lavender and dark purple often go well together in a wedding bouquet.

Color is an important element in planning a wedding, and luckily most flowers now come in a variety of colors. When choosing a wedding bouquet, remember that color has a dramatic impact on whether your wedding feels carefree or elegant, vibrant or laid-back, calming or dazzling. For every emotion, there is a perfect flower color to emphasize it.

For the meanings of the various types of wedding flowers, please see Flowers and their meanings for Your LDS Wedding.

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