Wedding Flowers and their meanings

The Meaning of LDS Wedding Flowers
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When looking at all the different kinds of wedding flowers, remember that each type has a meaning. The meanings of different flower types run the gamut from innocence to passion. If you want flowers that are not only beautiful but meaningful as well, you might want to fall back on tradition and choose blooms with a symbolism you appreciate.

Also know that most flowers come in many different colors and varieties, all of which evoke different emotions. One of the best examples of versatility in a flower is the rose. Consider how a bunch of red roses gives a very different appearance than a bouquet of pink, white, or yellow ones. Likewise, a bouquet of tiny teacup roses has a very Victorian feel to them that is not at all like the emotion evoked by a bouquet of full, regular-sized blossoms. Click here for or a list of flowers and their meanings.

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