How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

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There are plenty of things brides and grooms can do to mitigate the cost of wedding flowers.

A Mormon wedding replete with fresh flowers is beautiful, but there’s nothing pretty about the price tag. The average bridal bouquet costs anywhere from $150 to over $700, and after that there are also the bridesmaid’s bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, reception decorations and table centerpieces. Unless you’re getting married in the temple, you’ll also need flowers for ceremony décor. Flowers take a big bite out of any wedding budget, but there are plenty of things brides and grooms can do to mitigate the cost of wedding flowers.

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Always Use Wedding Flowers In Season

Ordering out-of-season flowers is the surest way to run up a large florist’s bill. The law of supply and demand guarantees that prices will be at an all-time high during certain times of year for seasonal flowers. Brides and grooms on a budget should choose in-season flowers or flowers that are available all year round. They should also know that flower prices soar in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day – that means be careful when setting a wedding date.

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Inexpensive Wedding Flower Substitutions

Approach your wedding florist with a general idea of what you want, but be flexible. If you’re willing to substitute one bloom for another, you could save a lot of money on wedding flowers. Do you have your heart set on flowers that you can’t afford? Go over your preferences and your budget with a professional wedding florist, who can help you find similar blooms to the ones you want – but without the outrageous price tag.
Orchids and roses are beautiful, but they’re also more expensive than carnations and daisies. Instead of choosing expensive flowers for your bouquet, why not choose budget-friendly flowers and concentrate on arranging them in an especially interesting way? Artful arrangements can make a statement with even the most humble of flowers. For example, a single carnation is nothing special to look at, but a big bunch of thirty carnations looks impressive and is still more economical than a dozen red roses.

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Alternative Wedding Centerpieces

When you think of wedding reception table centerpieces, you most likely think of fresh flowers. But this is one area where you can be very creative. Instead of using large floral arrangements, consider simply scattering flower petals on the tabletops or surrounding just a few flowers with other items to create your centerpieces. Also consider non-flower centerpieces, such as a glass bowls with floating candles, framed pictures of the bride and groom during their courtship, or lit pillar candles atop mirrors.

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Ceremony and Reception Location

The site of the wedding ceremony and reception can also make a big impact on your wedding flower budget. Garden wedding receptions and ceremonies in rose gardens or landscaped parks offer natural greenery that comes with the cost of reserving the location. Little or no outside decoration is needed for many outdoor wedding venues, so even though they may be pricey to rent for the day they could end up saving you money in the long run. If you are planning on a temple sealing, then you can cross ceremony decorations off your list as they are not allowed inside the temple.

Planning a wedding, no matter how small or modest, means managing a seemingly endless parade of costs and expenses. LDS brides can tame their wedding day budgets by looking for ways to save money on wedding flowers. Inexpensive wedding floral décor and bridal bouquets can still look fabulous if you make the most of every dollar you spend at the florist.

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