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Weddings bouquets and floral arrangements are very expensive, no matter what money-saving tips and tricks you use. Many brides have wondered if they need to get their flowers from a professional wedding florist, and toy with the idea of making their own wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Is Doing Your Own Wedding Flowers for You?

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First of all, if floral arrangement is something you’ve never done before or if you don’t enjoy it, then DIY wedding flowers is not for you. On your wedding day, you will be more stressed out than you have ever been before, and to add an onerous and difficult task like arranging flowers might be more than you can take. But if you’ve got experience with floral design and it’s something you really like doing, then it might work for you.

Get Plenty of Help

The first thing you’ll need to do is recruit a number of supportive family and friends who will help you to assemble the arrangements and bouquets the morning of the wedding. Fresh floral arrangements don’t last long, and there is no way you can make them all by yourself on the morning of your wedding day. And if you are planning to use silk flowers for your arrangements (which can be created in advance) you still should have others help you. If you try to do everything yourself you won’t be looking forward to your special day- but instead will be dreading the deadline.

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Basics of Wedding Floral Design

If you’re confident you can do your own wedding flowers and you’ve got a crew to help you assemble and transport them, it’s time to start researching. Scour bridal magazines, attend weddings, and visit local florists to gather ideas. Also educate yourself on the basics of wedding floral design:

♥ Learn about color theory. Study a color wheel and familiarize yourself with concepts like complementary, analogous, and monochromatic colors.
♥ Bridal bouquets come in four basic shapes: round, crescent, hand-tied, and freeform. Know how to shape a bouquet, arrange it, and tie it.
♥ The bride’s bouquet should be designed first, followed by the smaller bridesmaids’ bouquets and then the corsages and boutonnieres. Elements of the bridal bouquet should be echoed in all other wedding floral arrangements.

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Practice Creating Your Bouquet Ahead of Time

Once you’ve got an idea of what you like, do a trial run of the bouquets and arrangements with fake or fresh flowers to make sure you are satisfied with it and you know all the supplies that are required.

Where to Buy Wedding Flowers

When you’re buying a large quantity of flowers for yourself, there are a number of options. For very large order, wholesale flowers are usually the best deal. Various online companies sell and deliver flowers overnight, or you can always order them in bulk through your local florist. Just don’t forget to order all the greenery and “filler” that you’ll need for your bouquets and arrangements in addition to the flowers.

Care for Flowers on the Wedding Day

Upon receiving the flowers, immediately put them in water. If possible, keep them in the refrigerator to maximize the length of time they’ll stay fresh and beautiful. Wedding flowers shouldn’t be removed from the water and assembled until the last minute. Have extra amounts of everything on hand as you put together the arrangements, and transport them in coolers with extreme care on their way to the ceremony and reception.

Brides on a budget can make their own wedding floral arrangements and bouquets, but not without plenty of prior experience arranging flowers and not without a crew of willing friends and family to help. DIY wedding flowers is a challenging area, but not impossible with the right resources.

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