Bridal Jewelry for Your LDS Wedding Day

Jewelry for LDS brides, earrings
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After you’ve picked out the big-ticket items: a wedding dress, a veil, and bridal shoes, it’s time to start picking out jewelry. Carefully evaluate the style of your dress and find jewelry that matches it: it is vintage? Hollywood glam? Fairy tale? Contemporary?

Brides can choose virtually anything for their wedding day, but here are some of the most commonly-chosen pieces of bridal jewelry and some helpful hints for selecting each piece.


Today’s bride can choose traditional pearl studs, dramatic chandelier earrings, or anything in between. Whatever you ultimately choose, make sure that it complements both the style of your dress and the shape of your face. Huge earrings overwhelm brides with slight builds or delicate dresses, and contemporary style jewelry doesn’t look right with a vintage-inspired dress.


Wedding Jewelry for LDS brides
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A matching necklace-earring set frames the bride’s face and puts the finishing touches on her overall appearance. Brides may choose from the traditional strand of pearls, a Y-shaped pendant, a choker, and much more. Any necklace you choose should fall no more than two finger-widths above the neckline of your dress.

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Most brides also choose a matching bracelet to complement their necklace. A bridal bracelet can be dainty or dazzling, depending on your personal taste. Traditionally, bracelets are worn on the right wrist so they don’t compete with the engagement and wedding ring on your left hand (after all, they are the real stars of the show.) Wedding bracelets are popular, but not essential, pieces of bridal jewelry.


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Brides should obviously avoid wearing any rings besides their wedding and engagement rings on their left hand. But what about the right? Many LDS brides like to accessorize with the perfect ring that complements their gown and completes their jewelry ensemble. They may also want to wear a special ring that has special meaning or is a family heirloom. A ring is also a perfect opportunity to wear “something borrowed” on your wedding day.

Toe Rings and Anklets

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As more tea length and ballerina length wedding dresses are appearing, brides are increasingly being seen sporting toe rings and/or anklets at their weddings. Wearing a matching necklace/bracelet/anklet set draws your look together from head to toe. Adding a toe ring or anklet is a fun and funky way to let your true colors shine – but don’t feel obligated to wear one if you don’t want to.

Headpiece Jewelry

Hair Jewelry for LDS brides
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Most brides also incorporate some ornamentation as a part of their veil. Bridal veils are usually attached to a decorative comb, clip, or tiara that echoes the decoration on the wedding dress. Other times, ornamental hair pins are used to hold the veil in place. Some brides opt for color by incorporating flowers in their hairstyle, or even tucking one large flower in their hair rather than wearing a veil at all.

On the wedding day, use jewelry as accent pieces to complement your dress and complete your look. It doesn’t take a mound of flashy jewelry to make a powerful statement. Go all out on your wedding day if it suits you, but also realize that one or two pieces of jewelry might be all you need.

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