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Avoid Foot Suicide

We’ve all gotta wear ’em… But let’s be reasonable. Your wedding day is a LONG day and most likely you will be on your feet ALL day. A few suggestions for not committing foot suicide…
For pictures with your shoes showing, quickly switch out.


Aerobic instructors put it on their feet before they put on socks, helps keep their feet cool, soft, and moisturized.

Wedding Sneakers for LDS brides and grooms
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Wear sneakers OR flats:

Especially if your dress is long.

Bring your heels:

When it comes time for pictures, quickly switch out.

an LDS bride in white wedding heels
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If possible take the time to wear them in, perhaps a pair you already own OR buy them months in advance and wear them everywhere inside the house. You want to break them in, not scuff them up.

LDS bridal shoes
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Heels with cute ankle straps:

For dancing… This way your shoes will not escape.

Grass? Mud? Cobble Stones?:

Take into consideration where your feet will be.

wedding shoes for LDS brides
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Remember, to take care of your sweet feet; Or they just might make you regret it!

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