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LDS Bride’s Emergency Kit

No one wants to find themselves frustrated on their wedding day, so I recommend being prepared; preparation in regards to events that you will have control over, of course. After you have picked your temple/place, picked your colors, picked the cake, picked the wedding party, picked your dress, and so on, I encourage you to pick a bag, preferably black and of reasonable size. This will be your bag. This will be ‘THE’ bag. This will be the “Black Bag” that gets you out of “What just Happened?!” moments and save the day. It should be packed with travel-sized toiletry items you might need in a pinch, quick fixes for wardrobe malfunctions, stain removers for your dress, and important things that wedding party members might forget or lose.

We NEVER want Mom/Dad running to the store to pick up more pantyhose because Sally has a run or wasting time to ask if someone has band aids because your little flower girl has just bonked her knee. You and your forever sweetie will be able to say… “No Worries… Just Get The Bag!”

A day filled with so many people is guaranteed to have at least one “Uh OH” moment. And emergency wedding kits are designed to be within reach if you need them during the wedding. Let’s get you set up with necessary quick fixes, so you can get on with your happy, happy day.

Here’s what goes in ‘THE BAG’…

(For a “formal” list of emergency items, click here!)

Emergency Kit list for LDS brides,
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…sun block, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, travel sized toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant; a clean, white washcloth, Q-tips and cotton balls, makeup (eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, lipstick, powder, and blush), makeup remover, curling iron, brush, combs, bobby pins, hairspray (for quick hair fixes and for stain removal), small sewing kit including: several safety pins, small scissors, needle and thread (white, black, and in the color of your bridesmaid dresses), and extra buttons, fray-check (which freezes hems that have begun to unravel; invisible when dry but feels starchy to the touch), tide stick, fuzz (lint) roller, extra guy socks (dark-colored) extra sets of pantyhose, clear nail polish (to stop a run if you catch it in time) earring backs, comfortable shoes, instant craft glue or superglue (be careful!)
nail glue (for fake nails), nail polish (in your color- of course), nail file, and nail clippers, some bottled water, snacks (granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks) Contact lens solution and case, band aids (clear, princess and superheroes; trust me), pain killers (like aspirin), and any prescription medications that the bride or groom is taking, including inhalers, tampons/pads and anything else specific to your needs, small picnic-like blanket, umbrellas, flashlight (you never know), toilet paper (don’t laugh) tissues, lots of tissues, paper clips, rubber bands, coloring books, crayons, kid stickers, tape of all kinds, scotch, duct, and masking, extra hat pins (for corsages), extra copies of maps to reception and/or open house, extra copies of the checklist of phone numbers of all wedding professionals (i.e. florist, caterers, photographers, etc.) And BATTERIES!!! Bring extra batteries for your camera.

Emergancy kit list for LDS brides
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If you have a digital bring an extra memory card. …AND a pen and paper.…I am NOT joking about the pen and paper.

Of course, don’t just pack everything on the list without knowing what it is for or how it may be used. Some may not apply to your situation, so take your wedding into account when packing your wedding emergency bag.

If this list has got you panicked anew about all the things you never realized might go wrong on your wedding day, relax. Most of the time, if we prepare for emergencies, they never happen. Getting married takes a long time and taking pictures takes a while longer. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax, knowing that you have thought of everything? Being prepared and not using your ‘BAG’ is SOOOOoooooOOOOooo much better than not being prepared and needing it, desperately.

Here’s to beautiful weddings filled with ‘Black Bag” fixers…


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