How to Choose a Bridal Veil for Your LDS Wedding

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It’s only natural to focus mostly on the wedding gown, but the crowning accessory for any bride is the wedding veil. And as with most other aspects of the wedding day, there’s more to choosing the perfect wedding veil than meets the eye.

Bridal Veils for LDS Brides
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Wedding Veil Lengths and Colors

Most LDS wedding veils come in standard lengths, each with a different look and feel than the others. 3 examples are:

Elbow length veils come to the bride’s elbows and are appropriate with almost any style of wedding dress.
Fingertip length veils come to the bride’s fingertips and are better with floor-length or formal wedding gowns.
Cathedral length veils drape like a train and are most appropriate for elaborate and elegant dresses.
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Most wedding dresses (and consequently, most wedding veils) are white. However, there are many shades of off-white gowns including diamond, ivory, and even champagne-colored dresses, so make sure that your veil and dress match each other.

Bridal Veil Headpieces – How to Wear a Wedding Veil

A bridcage Bridal hat for an LDS bride
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Another decision you need to make before buying the wedding veil is where on the head you’ll be attaching the veil, and what kind of headpiece will be used to attach it.

Mormon wedding veils at the top of the head are usually attached with a decorative headband or tiara, and flow down over the shoulders to frame the bride’s face. This is a very angelic, surreal look. But brides who want to show off more of their dress or their silhouette may opt for attaching the veil at the back of the head. Or they may choose not to have a veil at all, but may wear a hat or birdcage veil instead.

LDS wedding veils nearer the back of the head stay behind the shoulders and trail down the back. They are either attached to a decorative comb and inserted into the hair directly over the bun (so that the veil flows over it) or pinned into the hair directly underneath the bun (so that the hairstyle is more visible.)

Bridal Veil Trim

bridal veil trim for LDS brides
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LDS weddings and Mormon brides employ a variety of different trims on their wedding veils. Some have no trim at all and appear quite plain. Others are lined with beads, lace, ribbon, rhinestones, pearls, or other decorative edging.

It’s mostly a matter of personal preference, but remember that the beading and decorative accents on the dress should ideally be echoed in the veil whenever possible. For Ideas on DIY bridal veils, Click Here!

After you’ve chosen the wedding dress of your dreams, it’s time to start thinking about a bridal veil. Veils come in a variety of lengths and styles, and the one that is right for you depends both on your dress and your preference.

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