Wedding Colors Convey Meanings

When choosing the colors for your LDS wedding you may want to consider what do your favorite colors mean? Take a look at the list below, you may find a new favorite!

How to choose wedding color, diamond white
Diamond White

Diamond White:

Purity, Innocence, Reverence, Youth, Goodness, Simplicity, Humility, Cleanliness, Peace, Protection, Fairness (White is brilliant and bright and stands out to the eye. For an ethereal effect, use a second soft color such as pink or light blue or soft yellow or light green.)

How to choose wedding color, black


Sophisticated, Elegant, Conservative, Modern, Mysterious, Assertive, Nostalgic, Power, Wealth (Black is a color that may be used year-round. Black and white themes add elegance to a wedding – Think, black-tie. Black with Silver is especially elegant and evokes feelings of opulence and grandeur. Be careful not to overdo! You don’t want to have folks feeling that they’re attending a funeral!)

How to choose wedding color, light blue
Light Blue

Blue, Light (Aqua, Sky, or Turquoise):

Happiness, Health, Peace, Tranquility, Uplifting, Fun-loving, Fresh, Vibrant, Harmony, Unity, Truth, Confidence, Creativity, Patience, Calm, Cinderella, Happily-Ever-after (When paired with Ivory or Silver Blue is especially beautiful. Or using blue with white brings a sense of tranquility and peace and is said to bring luck and love! Blue is a year round color.)

How to choose wedding color, navy blue
Navy Blue

Blue, Navy:

Preppy, Superiority, Authority, Order, Loyalty

How to choose wedding color, royal dress
Royal Blue

Blue, Royal:

Grand, Traditional, Loyalty, Stately, Sophisticated, Faithful


How to choose wedding color, brown

Earth, Nature, Home, Reliability, Solidity, Wholesomeness, Dependability, Friendliness, Steadfastness, Outdoors, Comfort, Simplicity, Endurance (Brown represents warmth and honesty in your marriage. As a neutral tone, shades of brown – think taupe, beiges, or creams, may be balanced with many colors. To add dimension and warmth to brown try coupling it with gold, copper, or rust!)

How to choose wedding color, champagne


Refined, Traditional, Rich, Conservative

How to choose wedding color, gold


Lavishness, Luxury, Wealth, Prosperity, Warmth, Tradition (Pair Gold with reds, burgundies, and purples to add warmth)

How to choose wedding color, grey


Modern, Understated, Sleek, Security, Reliability, Modesty, Dignity, Maturity, Solid (the new champagne)

How to choose wedding color, green


Nature, Life, Growth, Health, Harmony, Peace, Calmness, Generosity, Fertility, Inventive, Environmentally-Conscious, Modern Sensibility, Inventive (Green evokes a soothing, harmonized, calming mood, the perfect blend of the warming effects of yellow and the cooling effect of blue. Green can be used year round with crisp, lighter shades in the spring and going toward more emerald and olive tones in the fall and winter.)

How to choose wedding color, ivory

How to choose wedding color, lavender


Elegant, Quiet, Pleasantness, Luster, Softness

Lavender or Lilac:

Romantic, Soft, Dainty, Ladylike, Traditional

How to choose wedding color, orange


Transition, Energy, Balance, Knowledge, Inspirational, Stimulating, Warm, Inviting, Courage, Bold, Daring, Trendy (Soft Oranges, think cream-sickle, are good for spring, tangerine shades for summer and use burnt orange for fall. Orange mixed with gold, Coral, is a wonderful color for beach weddings!)

How to choose wedding color, pale pink
Pale Pink

Pink, Pale:

Happiness, Playfulness, Sense of Fun, Love, Friendship, Compassion, Grace, Gentleness, Joy (Pale pink is a wonderful choice for Spring Weddings or when paired with silver is cooled down for an elegant wedding feel.)

How to choose wedding color, hot pink
Hot Pink

Pink, Hot:

Energized, “Girl Power”, Love, Friendship, Abundance, Lively, Playful (Hot Pinks are a good choice for Summer Weddings and can be warmed with Gold or contrasted nicely with Greens)

How to choose wedding color, purple


Royalty, Mysterious, Glamorous, Growth, Spirituality, Nobility, Luxury, Ceremony, Wisdom (Purple in your wedding symbolizes dignity, tolerance, and togetherness. Purple has both the warm properties of red and the cool of blue. Try shades of Lilac and Lavender early in the year, and deeper purples and eggplant shades for winter and fall.)

How to choose wedding color, red


Love, Passion, Excitement, Energy, Heat, Dramatic, Desire, Beauty, Strength. In China Red means Good Luck, Happiness, Celebration, and Prosperity (The obvious choice for a Valentine or Christmas Wedding. In the fall use deeper shades such as burgundy or rust, think fall leaves. Red stimulates faster breathing and a faster heartbeat. Red is an attention getter and is best used as an accent color.)

How to choose wedding color, silver


Wealth, Glamour, Sophistication, Sleek, Modern (Silver says “I can afford it, but prefer not to flaunt it.” Silver will pair nicely with almost any color. Adding silver to black and white will make colors pop! Try adding Silver to blue for a beautiful winter wedding.)

How to choose wedding color, yellow


Happiness, Optimism, Idealism, Sunshine, Summer, Cheerfulness, Joy, Friendship, Hope, Energy, Welcoming, Home, Cooperation, Intellect, Confidence (Yellow will grab attention and create a happy atmosphere. Remember to use softer shades of yellow such as butter or cream for spring and darker shades for fall!)

Whatever color(s) you choose remember, the wedding day is all about the bride and the groom, so choose the colors that work best and mean most to the two of you.

♥ Rose Haller, Wedding Planner
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