Makeup Tips for LDS Brides

makeup for LDS brides
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For Latter-day Saint brides, the most economical choice is to do their own makeup at home. But many choose to visit a salon or spa to have their wedding makeup done professionally, and for good reason.

Some don’t feel confident in their ability to create a look that will last and look great all day, especially under pressure. Some simply like the feeling of becoming Cinderella for a day and being made up by someone else. Others realize that a professional has tools and expertise that they don’t. After all, professionals are best equipped to handle emergencies like breakouts, blemishes, and undereye circles that appear on stressed-out, sleep-deprived brides in the final days before their weddings.

Makeup for LDS brides
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No matter what you decide, remembering a few simple tips will ensure that you get the best results from your bridal makeup on the wedding day.

First, remember that although you want to be beautiful, you don’t want to be made up to the point where you no longer look like yourself. So make sure that your makeup is you. Avoid trying a radically new “look” for your wedding, so you can always thumb through your wedding album and enjoy pictures of you and your husband way back when – without wondering, “Who is that woman wearing my wedding dress?” or “What was I thinking?”

Makeup for LDS brides
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To that end, it’s always advisable to have a consultation with your makeup artist beforehand. Talk about what colors, styles, and kinds of makeup you like, and let the artist get to know you as a person. This will help them to determine how to best showcase the real you through your makeup. If the consultation also includes a trial run of the makeup application, even better. Then you can see the results and make any necessary modifications before it’s the morning of your wedding and the clock is ticking.

LDS bridal makeup for LDS brides
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During application, avoid extreme colors or trendy fashions. Opt for something natural and beautiful so that you are the focus of the wedding – not your makeup. Be careful about caking on makeup, which will not only disguise your true beauty but will also settle into the lines in your face as the day goes on.

And though it almost goes without saying, always choose waterproof makeup products. Even if you’re normally not an emotional person, you can never be sure what feelings are going to hit you as you are sealed to your eternal companion in the house of the Lord.

Bridal Makeup Style,
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Wedding makeup is sometimes overlooked, but a decent makeup job completes the look created by the wedding gown, hairstyle, and bridal jewelry. Whether you use a professional or do your makeup yourself at home, keep the above simple tips in mind to look your best on your wedding day.

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