DIY Wedding Hairstyles

DIY hairstyles for LDS brides
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Many brides go the route of a professional hair stylist to get their hair done for their wedding day. But what if you can’t afford a professional? Is it okay to do your own hair for your wedding? If you’re going to handle your own bridal hairdo, then here are some tips to help you get the best possible results.

Ahead of time, you’ll need to do lots of research. Browsing bridal magazines or hairstyle galleries online will help you get ideas about possible wedding hairstyles. Pay attention when you attend formal events and look for updos that you like. Familiarize yourself with hair terminology and experiment, experiment, experiment!

DIY Wedding Hairstyles for LDS brides, photo by of
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When you sit down to work on your hair, all the necessary supplies must be within easy reach. Vital equipment may include:

• Combs
• Brushes
• Clips
• Mirror
• Spray bottle of water
• Hairspray, pomade, wax, and gel
• Straightening iron (if necessary)
• Small and large curling irons and/or curlers
• Hair dryer
• Hair accessories you plan to use
• Cape to protect clothing

Get your supplies together and do at least one dry run, styling your hair as if it were your wedding day. Note the length of time it takes, and any modifications you’d like to make to your originally planned hairstyle. If you still don’t feel completely confident about doing your hair on your wedding day, then practice again until you do.

You’ll also need at least one talented friend to help you. This should be someone with some hairstyling experience, or at least someone who has worked with your hair before. The person should also know you fairly well as a person, to get a sense of what you’d like and what look you’re after with your hairstyle.

DIY bridal hair for LDS brides
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You may want to have someone take pictures of you with your hair appropriately styled and with your veil or other hair ornaments in place. This can help you decide if the hair style you think you want is really the best for you on your wedding day. We’ve heard of brides who thought they wanted to have their hair up and decided (after the wedding day and after they received their pictures) that down would have been better. Up, down, or half and half, take out time ahead to ensure you will be happy with your final style.

The costs of wedding planning are high, and one wedding money-saver might be to forgo a professional hair stylist and attempt DIY wedding hair. Just make sure that you practice beforehand so you know what to expect – you want to look and feel beautiful on your wedding day and your hair style is an important part!

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