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On your wedding day, what kind of hairstyle do you envision having? Your wedding will be the most photographed formal event of your life, which means that you’ve only got one chance to pick the hairstyle you’ll be seeing in pictures forever.

Do you want a natural and sweeping hairdo with loose strands framing your face, or something that is tightly pulled back and structured without one hair out of place? On your wedding, you can experiment with color or highlights, bangs, a part, straight hair, or curls (either tight spirals or loose waves), as well as a hundred different styling products and hair accessories.

Types of Bridal Hairstyles

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Though there’s no law that says brides must wear their hair up on their wedding day, most choose some variation of a bridal updo.

The two most popular types of wedding updos are the bun (which can be neatly structured or loose and messy) and the half up-half down style (where the front of the hair is pulled back in some arrangement and the back of the hair hangs loosely.)

Brides with short hair may not be able to pull their hair up, but they can look fabulous by choosing the right styling products and adding accessories to their hair like gems or flowers.

Choosing a Hairstyle for Your Face

Bridal Hairstyles for LDS brides
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With any updo, you need to choose the location of the hair on your head. Hair piled nearer the top of your head can be seen from the front and not just from the back. Hair in the middle of the head is the most traditional and versatile look. Hair gathered near the nape of the neck is more casual, classy, and understated.

Picking a hairstyle that flatters you is all about achieving balance. Brides with wide or tall foreheads can draw some hair across their foreheads or use bangs to visually minimize the forehead; brides with round faces can pile hair atop their heads to draw attention to their crown instead of the cheekbones.

Bridal Hair Accessories

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Just remember to avoid styling the hair in any way that emphasizes a disproportionate feature of your face, whether it is a long face, rounded cheeks, a tall forehead, or a square jaw. Concentrate on creating balance.

There are so many different types of accessories that brides can use in their wedding hairstyle.


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Using flowers in your hair has become very popular at weddings in recent years. Flowers add a fresh, natural dimension as well as a splash of color. They can be either silk or fresh – silk flowers withstand heat and last all day long, while fresh flowers have a pleasant scent and a more authentic feel.

Gems and Rhinestones

Using small sparkly gems is a great way to accent your bridal hairstyle, particularly if you have short hair. Clear jewels or rhinestones are more traditional in appearance, but using colored gems is more eye-catching and complements your wedding color scheme.

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Tiaras became very popular wedding hair accessories in the late 1990s, and they remain a very popular choice today. What better way to look like a princess on your wedding day? Bridal tiaras come in virtually any size and style imaginable.

Hair Pins, Barrettes, and Combs

Decorative hair pieces in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials are a versatile wedding day choice for brides. Tastefully chosen (and artfully placed) decorative accessories are the proverbial icing on the cake. Many brides wear decorative pieces with rhinestones arranged in the shape of a flower.

Considerations for Your Wedding Hairdo

Bridal Hairstyles for LDS brides
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Remember that your bridal hairstyle won’t stand alone on your wedding day. Your decision will largely depend on:

♥ Your wedding gown

♥ Your bridal veil

Of course, buy your wedding dress before you seriously start thinking about your hairstyle. Match the formality of your hairdo with the formality of your dress, and try to match your hair accessories with your dress embellishments.

Know how you will be wearing your wedding veil. Many brides like to attach their veil under the bun of their hair so that their updo isn’t hidden; some dispense with the veil altogether for that very reason. If you attach the veil above your bun, make sure your hair fits beneath it nicely and concentrate your efforts on the parts of your hair that are most visible.

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There are a lot of options for LDS brides when they get to the home stretch of wedding planning and start designing their hairstyle. Look through bridal magazines and hairstyle galleries to get ideas, but ultimately remember that the best hairstyle is one that looks great with your dress and your facial shape.

For information on styling your own wedding day hairdo, please visit DIY bridal hairstyles.

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