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You’ll take many vacations in your life, but you’ll only go on one honeymoon. How do you pick the destination for that once-in-a-lifetime trip? How do you make sure it will be something you’ll recall with fond memories when you’re old and gray? No matter what your dream honeymoon destination, here’s how to find it.

What Kind of Honeymoon Do You Want

Before you start listing countries or cities to visit, you should begin by brainstorming the general kind of honeymoon you and your spouse-to-be would like.
In general terms, describe what kind of honeymoon you want. Would you like to stay at a full-service hotel or at a quaint bed and breakfast off the beaten path? Would you like to be in the middle of the action downtown or in a quieter, more secluded location?

You’ll take many vacations in your life, but you’ll only go on one honeymoon.

Your dream vacation could be relaxing on a beachfront resort, shopping and taking in shows in the big city, or backpacking through a national forest for a week. List the features of your dream honeymoon, and then ask your fiancé to do the same and compare notes.
Even if a “lazy vacation” isn’t usually your proverbial cup of tea, remember that it may be a welcome escape after the months of wedding planning that lie ahead. When you finally get to your honeymoon destination, you’ll probably find that the local attractions have far less importance to you than your new spouse, anyway.
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List Honeymoon Destinations

Once you’ve described generally what you want and know that you’re on the same page as your spouse, it’s time to start getting specific about a location.

Where can you take the type of honeymoon you envision? List your possibilities. If you want to hike or camp, you could do it at Yosemite National Park or in the Adirondacks in New York. Fabulous beachfront resorts in Cancun, Waikiki, Mykonos, San Diego, Orlando, or Cape Cod.

Your perfect honeymoon could be re-visiting your old mission area or the country where your ancestors came from. Maybe there’s a city or country you’ve just always wanted to see ever since you were a kid.

You may want to do a quick Internet search to see what different areas of the world have to offer or visit a travel website to look for ideas and special deals.

Let Your Budget Be Your Guide

Once you have a list of possible destinations, it’s time to take out your honeymoon budget (or draw one up) and start honing down your list.

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Pretend you are actually traveling to each destination. Visit the websites of airlines and hotels. How much can you expect to spend on gas or airfare? Lodging? Tourist attractions? Food? It only takes five or ten minutes online to get a really concrete idea of how much you’ll be spending and whether it fits into your honeymoon budget.
Don’t feel bad about eliminating the loftier choices on your list. It’s understandable if you can’t take a fabulous 10-day honeymoon abroad right now. If you can’t afford your dream honeymoon right now, stay within your budget and plan to take that trip on your 5th anniversary instead.

Don’t Forget to Check the Weather

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Every popular honeymoon destination has peak tourist months and off-peak months. You’ll fight fewer crowds and get better deals if you travel during the off-season, but you’ll also experience less ideal weather. You may be okay with cold or drizzly weather, but stay away from hurricane or monsoon season. Weigh the pros and cons to decide what makes sense for you.

Take a moment to brainstorm with your better half before you decide on your honeymoon destination. Do your best to choose the right location, but know that everything will turn out for the best as long as you’re together.

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