Planning and Paying for the Honeymoon

how to plan and pay for an LDS honeymoon
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When you’re getting married, the obvious expenses are the ones that hit you first: the dress, the flowers, and the reception. What about the honeymoon? When all is said and done, you still have that all-important newlywed getaway to look forward to. So who foots the bill?

Traditionally, the groom’s family pays for the honeymoon, but in today’s wedding climate anything goes. The families of the bride and groom sometimes split the cost of the whole wedding and honeymoon down the middle, or sometimes the bride and groom pay for the entire honeymoon themselves. It differs with every wedding.

Regardless of how the honeymoon is paid for, plan it together as a couple. A groom “surprising” his bride with a fully-planned honeymoon might sound romantic (and it actually might work for some couples), but in general the couple should decide on the destination and lodgings together to make sure the both of you have a wonderful time.

What if somebody else has input on what you should do or where you should go? Listen politely, smile and nod – then do whatever you want. During your wedding you probably made a number of concessions to make everybody happy, but the honeymoon is about what you want and nobody else.

Early on in the planning, figure out how the honeymoon is being paid for and leave some money in the budget for the post-wedding honeymoon. After the months of planning that has led up to the big day, you’re going to need to relax and just enjoy being married for a few days before you have to get back to real life!

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