How to Plan a Honeymoon

How to Choose a honeymoon destination
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Even though you’re up to your eyeballs in wedding planning right now, you should also be thinking about your honeymoon. How do you decide where to go, and what arrangements do you need to make? Here’s a sample checklist for honeymoon planning how to.

What’s Your Budget?

Hopefully you’ve already got a specific budget set aside for your honeymoon. If not, develop one. What is your maximum dollar amount for your honeymoon? Having that number in mind will help you make your final decision when choosing between two or three sweet destinations.

What Kind of Honeymoon?

Of course you probably have some ideas of places you’d like to honeymoon, but first decide generally what type of trip you want. Do you want to be touring all day or relaxing? Outdoors or indoors? Domestic or overseas? If you start by pinpointing the kind of honeymoon you want, and picking your actual destination will be a lot easier.

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When are You Leaving?

Decide when you want to leave. Some couples leave the reception for their honeymoon spot. Most couples go the next morning. A few may even decide to postpone leaving on their honeymoon for a few weeks or months after the wedding to give their finances a chance to recover.

Brainstorm Honeymoon Destinations

Now that you know the kind of honeymoon you want and when you’ll be leaving, you can select a handful of honeymoon hot spots that will have good weather at that time of year. London is rainy November through March; summer in Mexico is excruciatingly hot; February in Australia is the prime month for monsoons. Before you choose a honeymoon destination always check the seasonal weather.

Narrow Your List of Honeymoon Spots

Nail down two or three possibilities and price each one out, being as specific as you can and including airfare, gas, rental cars, lodging, food, tickets and admissions, tips, and souvenirs. Use your budget to weed out unrealistic honeymoons and decide on one you can afford. If you have to go on a cheap honeymoon, that’s okay: you can save the more expensive dream vacation for your 5- or 10-year anniversary.

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How Long To Honeymoon?

Most honeymoons last anywhere from 7 to 10 days, but it all depends on you, your destination, and your budget. A faraway destination requires more travel time and will probably need a longer honeymoon, while somewhere closer to home can be a shorter honeymoon. If you’re set on an expensive destination, spend a few less days there and save money. The duration of your stay directly affects your budget.

Make Travel Arrangements

Airfare should be booked at least 6 months in advance, while applying for a new passport takes about four months. If you need to reserve a rental car, do it as soon as you have your arrival and departure dates nailed down. Will you be traveling by train or subway while you’re there? Check to see if you can buy a pass online; on online pass will be a better deal than buying fare at the station.

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Book Honeymoon Lodging

Whether it’s a bed and breakfast, a woodsy cabin, or an inn and suites hotel, call at least three weeks in advance to reserve a room. Some travel sites let you book the hotel in a bundle with airfare and a rental car.

Before booking, know what amenities you want, if there is a certain view or floor that you want, or a particular area of town you’d like to be in. When you book the room, let the staff know that you’re honeymooning. Most hotels give a honeymoon discount, or at least throw in some free gifts for honeymooners.

Last Minute Honeymoon Essentials

As it gets closer, draw up a list of things to pack and make sure you’ve got all the luggage you need. Get travelers checks, put your mail on hold for the time you’ll be gone, and ask a friend or your visiting teacher to water your plants and feed your pets.

When planning your honeymoon, start by being very general and work your way through the specifics until you’ve got everything planned out. You’ve got a lot to do to get ready for your honeymoon, but don’t worry – once you are finally taking that trip with your new spouse it will all be worth it.

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