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To-Do List for LDS couples going on a honeymoon
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What do you need to do in order to plan a successful honeymoon? No matter where you go or what you do, it’s bound to be exciting because you’re together! But for a smooth, hassle-free transition into your honeymoon, follow this honeymoon to-do list.

1. Pick a Honeymoon Destination

The first step in putting together the perfect honeymoon is figuring out where you want to go. Do you want to go somewhere close to home or somewhere overseas? What is your budget?

Would you like to visit your or your spouse’s old mission territory, a beachfront resort, or a secluded cabin the woods? Identify what you want and then find an appropriate spot. A honeymoon doesn’t have to be elaborate to be great – remember, the whole point is just being together.

2. Buy Plane Tickets

If you’re flying, book your airline tickets. (Book under your maiden name so your ID will match your ticket information, unless you’re going several months after the wedding occurs.) If can afford to be somewhat flexible on the dates you’re willing to travel, you can save on airfare.

3. Book Your Hotel and Other Attractions

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Make reservations for lodging, remembering to print out your email confirmation and taking it with you on your honeymoon just in case.

Also consider pre-purchasing tickets for other attractions you plan to visit on your honeymoon. They may be less expensive than at the gate, and you may even be able to secure online discounts or find online coupon codes.

3. Travelers Checks, Foreign Currency, or Credit Cards

Travelers Checks used to be the most preferred way to carry money overseas. In today’s economy there are more options and dangers. Travelers Checks are more secure than cash, you can call and cancel them if stolen or lost. Travelers Checks are accepted at the same rate of exchange as cash and change is returned in the local currency, expect to pay a conversion fee up to 5%. If you choose to use Travelers Checks shop around, your bank and credit companies will offer Checks at different rates.

When traveling abroad it is a good idea to have about 24 hours worth of local currency on hand. This will be useful if you arrive at your destination and you need money for a meal, taxi or to tip. You can usually get foreign currency from your bank, or they will at least be able to help you find another lender that can assist you.

If you plan on using your debit card or credit card call your bank or lender before your trip and make them aware of your travel plans. There is nothing worse than having your account frozen due to suspected fraud. Make sure that the cards you plan on using will work in the country(s) that you plan to visit. Many European, Asian and South American countries require cards to have a special chip embedded to reduce fraud. Most American cards do not have this feature. Also check on what the conversion rates and fees will be with every card that you plan on using so there are no surprises.

If you are traveling in the U.S. check with your bank on ATM’s that you can use without incurring transaction fees.

4. Foreign Travel Details

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If you’re honeymooning overseas, apply for a passport as soon as possible or make sure that your current passport is still valid. Visit the Department of Homeland Securities (USA) web site to find out how to apply for or renew your passport. There are specific rules that will apply to your passport if you plan on changing your name after you are married. You can also check which countries require a Visa for entry and exit requirements, location of consular offices, immunizations, crime and security information and any other safety information that you might need.


Get refills of prescription medications (you won’t be able to get refills in a foreign country’s pharmacy).

5. Driving To Your Honeymoon Destination

If you plan on driving your own car on your honeymoon, get it checked out at a professional repair shop ahead of time to lessen the likelihood of car trouble on your honeymoon. Put a pair of jumper cables and a flashlight in the trunk, double-check on your spare tire, and make sure you have a car adapter for your cell phone – just in case. Make sure that your driver’s license, registration, and insurance are all current, too! And becoming a member of a roadside assistance program such as AAA, or your insurance carrier is always a good idea.

6. Pack with a List

A few days or weeks ahead of time, start a list of everything you’ll need to bring on your honeymoon. Begin with all the obvious candidates (garments, shirts, pants, etc) and when you think of something else add it to the list.

Depending on the kind of honeymoon you’re taking, you’ll want your swimsuit, hiking shoes, camera, prescription medications (including birth control if you’re on it,) journal, and scriptures. If you’ve been sealed in the temple, some couples like to visit to do proxy endowments or sealings during their honeymoon so remember your temple bag and your recommend.

7. Check the Weather at Your Honeymoon Spot

A few days before you leave on your honeymoon, you’ll obviously be busy but remember to check the weather at your honeymoon destination. http://www.weather.com is a good place to check online for weather in the US and the world. Simply input the zip code, name of city, or name of destination spot, such as Disney World. Of course you should be prepared for any weather, but checking the forecast can help you to pack more of the type of clothes you’ll probably need and less of those you won’t.

Knowing the right things to do and when to do them can make all the difference in your stress level when planning your honeymoon. Go over this checklist with your significant other and work together to lighter each other’s loads.

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