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Honeymoon tips for LDS couples
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When it comes to honeymoons, all trips are not created equal. Some are just substantially cheaper than others no matter how much you haggle or how many discounts you receive. For affordable off-the-beaten-path ideas for inexpensive honeymoon spots, try some of these destinations.

Go Camping

Spending a week alone together hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, and cuddling near the campfire surrounded by the beauties of nature is quite the fun and affordable honeymoon. You don’t need to rough it, either. Many campsites have luxury amenities, showers, and a pool. If you don’t feel like roughing it, rent an RV or a cabin on-site. It will still be less expensive than your traditional honeymoon.

Visit Your Nearest Big City

Budget honeymoon tips for LDS brides and grooms
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Traveling across the country (or even the world) isn’t necessary. You can find fabulous food, great lodging accommodations, and fun tourist attractions in any major metropolitan area. Cut out the time, money, and hassle of traveling and just drive to your nearest big city to take in all that they have to offer.

Honeymoon on a Cruise Ship

Once you consider that the price you pay up front covers the costs of lodging and food for the entire trip, a cruise starts to look downright affordable. You don’t even have to get off at the ports of call if you don’t want to – a cruise ship is full of round-the-clock entertainment, free of charge. An all-inclusive cruise package might be just what you need to relax and unwind after planning all of your wedding details.

Visit in the Off Season

LDS budget honeymoon tips
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If you’re still set on honeymooning in some far-flung location, try to visit during the off season. Peak tourist months for most locations are June, July, and August because of summer vacation. Tropical locations will also be packed during winter holidays.

In general, late September to October is a good time to visit many exotic honeymoon hot spots such as Hawaii, Italy, and Egypt. Just keep in mind that the off season is “off” for a reason – it may be rainy, too hot, too cold, or too foggy. Know your destination and what the off season entails before you book your trip.

Take a Road Trip

LDS budget honeymoon tips
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No one says that your honeymoon has to be confined to just one destination. Plan a route and spend a few days traveling along a stretch of interstate or down the coast, stopping at out-of-the-way hotels and visiting little-known local attractions and festivals in the towns you pass by. These less-popular destinations can be just as fun to visit, and road trips require little planning because you can stop for food or lodging whenever and wherever you feel like it.

Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

Depending on the location you choose, staying at a bed and breakfast might be a better deal than staying at a hotel. Many even offer a discount for guests who pay with cash instead of credit. Many guests like the “home away from home” feeling of a bed and breakfast and getting information on the area from the host or hostess.

Use a Friend or Relative’s Timeshare

Most of us know at least one person with a timeshare somewhere in the world. You can save a lot of money on your honeymoon lodgings by asking to use the timeshare of a friend or relative. Most timeshares require a transfer fee, but the cost is far below the amount you would pay for a week in a hotel. You could also offer to pay a portion of their yearly maintenance fee.

If a typical cookie cutter honeymoon is not in your wedding budget (or even if it is,) consider one of these alternative honeymoons instead. You’ll save money and still have a great time just being together.

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