Honeymoon Tips for LDS Couples

How to Choose a honeymoon destination
Photography Courtesy of Cameron + Kelly Studios

Even though you’re up to your eyeballs in wedding planning right now, you should also be thinking about your honeymoon. How do you decide where to go, and what arrangements do you need to make? Here’s a sample checklist for honeymoon planning how to.

Hopefully you’ve already got a specific budget set aside for your honeymoon. If not, develop one. What is your maximum dollar amount for your honeymoon? Having that number in mind will help you make your final decision when choosing between two or three sweet destinations.

Of course you probably have some ideas of places you’d like to honeymoon, but first decide generally what type of trip you want. Do you want to be touring all day or relaxing? Outdoors or indoors? Domestic or overseas? If you start by pinpointing the kind of honeymoon you want, and picking your actual destination will be a lot easier.

Decide when you want to leave. Some couples leave the reception for their honeymoon spot. Most couples go the next morning. A few may even decide to postpone leaving on their honeymoon for a few weeks or months after the wedding to give their finances a chance to recover.

Now that you know the kind of honeymoon you want and when you’ll be leaving, you can…read more

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