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All too often, brides seem to dread writing thank you notes for wedding gifts. Maybe you have bad memories of your mother forcing you to pen gracious letters to your Aunt Mildred for those ugly sweaters she sent you every Christmas. Perhaps you are just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of notes to be written. But writing those thank you notes doesn’t have to be onerous or painful!


A few basics first:

Thank you notes should be handwritten in ink; no emails or pre-printed cards! After all, this person cared enough to select, wrap, and sometimes mail a present to you; the least you can do is spend a few minutes of effort to let them know you appreciate their thoughtfulness. Forget that old saw about having a year to write thank you notes after a wedding. Any longer than three months, barring extreme circumstances – and “we’re really busy” doesn’t count – it is impolite. If you’re having trouble getting those thank you notes out, try setting a goal to write a certain number every day until they’re done. Or set aside a certain block of time every day expressly for catching up on thank you notes. However you do it, remember to be grateful for the opportunity to write these brief letters. They are an easy way to acknowledge your friends and family who cared enough to help you and your spouse start your life together a little more comfortably!

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Now for the thank you note formula:

Greeting: This one is simple. For example, “Dear Aunt Mildred,” is a good start. If “Dear” sounds too formal for the person you’re writing, try a simple “Hi Susan!” but only for very close friends and family.

Say Thanks: Again, this is fairly easy: a simple sentence expressing gratitude for the present they gave you. Mention the gift specifically, as in “Thank you so much for the beautiful candlesticks you sent us” rather than “Thank you for the lovely gift.” The only exception is when the gift was cash; never mention the monetary amount. Instead, you can thank the giver for their “generosity” or “kindness.”

Add Details: Here’s where you can be creative. Write one or two sentences about the gift itself, how you plan to use it, or why you like it. For example, you could say “The towels are the perfect shade of green to match the bathroom” or “The hot dog roasters will come in so handy when we go camping this summer.” Even if you don’t really like the gift, find something sincere you can say. Never tell the giver in the thank you note that you’ll be exchanging their present, that you got duplicates of their gift or that you don’t like it. If they gave you money, make some mention of what you plan to purchase with it. For example, Miss Manners suggests: “We had been longing for a (fill-in-the-blank) and you made it possible for us to rush right out and buy it.”

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Make It Personal: Think about how this person fits into your life and comment accordingly. Mention seeing him or her recently, perhaps at the wedding, and indicate when you’ll see them again, if applicable. Comment on something happening in their lives. You could say “Best wishes to John and the kids” or “Have a wonderful time on your vacation in Florida.” If you don’t see them often or know them very well, try “I hope our paths will cross more often” or “I hope all is well.”

Thank Them Again: Another quick statement expressing appreciation for their thoughtfulness, your friendship with them, or the gift itself is appropriate here. A simple “Thanks again for thinking of us” works just fine.

Close: End with “Love,” “Sincerely,” “Yours Truly,” “Warm Regards,” or whatever feels right considering your relationship with the giver. Sign at the bottom and you’re done!

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