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Temple Sealing Timeline from WeddingLDS.com
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You’re being married in the Temple! When the Big Day finally arrives, you want everything to happen perfectly, without a hitch! You can dramatically increase the odds of your Temple Sealing going smoothly if you take the time to plan out exactly how you want your big day to unfold. WeddingLDS is here to help. Watch the video and then download the detailed schedule for what should take place and when by clicking on the picture of the Temple. Fill in your time, and then make sure everyone has a copy and knows his or her responsibilities. Below are suggestions of to-do times and time examples that you can customize for your own LDS Temple Sealing.

4 hours before the sealing

Download the Timeline for an LDS Temple Sealing Here
Temple Sealing Timeline from WeddingLDS.com

LDS Temple sealing
A Sealing Room in the Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple

6:00 Wake up.
6:10 Bathe, wash face, moisturize, etc. If wearing hair up, wash hair the night before
(day-old hair holds an updo better than squeaky-clean hair). Put on underclothes and a robe.
6:30 Eat something! Have someone (preferably a guy with few responsibilities & low prep time) assigned to make breakfast for the ladies (who have to take extra time for their hair and makeup in addition to getting dressed). Or consider making a breakfast casserole in advance that can be baked and served with little effort.
6:50 Change into your “traveling dress” and wear a robe over it (so you won’t disturb your hair and makeup or get lipstick on your clothes).

3 hours before the sealing

7:00 Begin hair and makeup. If you are traveling to a salon, you may need to account for travel time. If you are doing it yourself, give yourself a few minutes of wiggle room.
7:15 While you’re in hair and makeup, have someone make the reminder phone calls.
• Have someone assigned to gathering and double-checking your wedding gown and supplies. Have them place all of your clothes and accessories and temple bag in the right vehicle. This will prevent leaving anything behind in a mad dash while running out the door.

Timeline for an LDS Temple Sealing
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• Have someone else assigned to call essential members of the wedding party (maid of honor/best man, witnesses, etc) who are staying elsewhere to make sure everyone is awake and running on schedule.
• If you are having the flowers delivered to the temple, have someone call the florist to verify they will be delivered on time. If you are sending someone to pick them up, call them now to verify that they remember and are on schedule. Remember, they’ll need a cool vehicle to keep the flowers safe and fresh.
• Also, call whoever is responsible for the marriage license and verify that they have it and will remember to bring it with them. This is one of the most common items that couples forget to bring with them to the temple.

2 hours before the sealing

8:00 Arrive at the temple between one and two hours before the ceremony. You’ll meet the groom there with the witnesses and your escorts, and begin filling out the marriage paperwork. Then you’ll be taken to the brides’ room to get dressed. Take a few minutes for yourself right now. If you need some quiet, sit alone in a room for a few minutes. If you want to have a special conversation with your parents or other family members, do that now. Be sure you take some time for yourself!

90 minutes before the sealing

8:30 If someone is watching children on the temple grounds or nearby during the ceremony, they should be there at least 90 minutes early so they’re ready when children arrive. You might consider providing juice boxes, snacks, and simple games or a portable DVD player to help keep the kids occupied.

1 hour before the sealing

Timeline for an LDS Sealing
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9:00 Have someone from the wedding party in the lobby of the temple to greet your guests and track who has arrived and who is in transit. Temples usually recommend that guests arrive at 30 minutes to an hour before the sealing begins.

After the sealing

11:30 Post-ceremony photos at the temple
12:30 Wedding party leaves for wedding luncheon (depending on travel time)
1:00 Wedding party arrives at wedding luncheon

Any of these times can be adjusted to fit your special circumstances! You can leave out the luncheon, schedule more time for photos, or spend extra time visiting with relatives and friends. Do whatever makes your day truly yours!

Congratulations! You made it through your Temple Sealing-now onto the reception!

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