LDS Wedding Day Timelines (Itineraries)

LDS Wedding Day Itineraries

When the Wedding Day finally arrives, you want everything to happen perfectly, without a hitch! Vendors are booked and confirmed. Fittings have taken place. You’ve thought of every last detail. Months of planning have led up to this day. You should map out every minute of this event, such as the examples you will see on each Wedding Day Timeline Page. Using Wedding Day Timelines is the best way to stay organized and their use will dramatically increase the odds of your wedding and reception going smoothly as your big day unfolds. The difference between an OK wedding and a GREAT one are the details, details, details, and you won’t want to miss one. WeddingLDS helps make this final and crucial step as easy as 1-2-3! Step One: Watch the video. Step Two: Choose the Wedding Day Timeline(s) you’ll need. Step Three: Download the interactive file or print a copy. Print out multiple copies. A Wedding Day Timeline (Itinerary) can help ensure everyone knows his or her responsibilities. It’s time to go!

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  1. I am unable to print any of these. Could you send me a link or something?
    Thank you, love your website.

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