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When a friend asks you to be in her wedding party, it’s such a happy moment! Weddings are always fun to attend, and even more fun to be in. The Bride may want your input on what the bridesmaid attire will be, or she may already be decided. Be sure to talk with the Bride about her expectations.

What Bridemaids pay for
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What Bridesmaids Pay For

Bridesmaids usually pay for their own dresses and shoes, which are of course chosen by the bride. Bridesmaids also pay for their own hair, makeup, and nails. Mostly everything a bridesmaid wears is her own responsibility to pay for, but the one exception is the wedding jewelry: the bridesmaid’s jewelry is traditionally given as a gift from the bride the day before the wedding.

Exceptions to the Rule

Of course, tradition isn’t always followed like it was back in the olden days. Lots of brides pay for part or all of the bridesmaids’ dresses, especially if they pick a more expensive gown. The only way to be sure what you’ll be expected to pay for when you’re a bridesmaid is to consult with the bride.

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Establishing a Bridesmaid Budget

When your friend asks you to be in her wedding, it’s quite possible that she hasn’t yet given much thought to how everything is going to be paid for. After all, she just got engaged and is only beginning to assemble her wedding party. But it’s necessary to start an open dialogue about it as soon as possible. If the bride expects you to pay your own way, then you both need to know it. You have to start saving money, and she needs to know what is a realistic price range for you.

attendants of an LDS bride
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If You Can’t Afford the Dress

That being said, bridesmaid’s dresses can be rather pricey. If the bride falls in love with a dress that you absolutely cannot afford, then you have a few options. Be honest and open without being confrontational. See if you can work out a solution: the two of you could split the cost of the dress in some way, or you could talk to the dress retailer about a monthly payment plan to cover the cost.

When all else fails, be diplomatic and offer to let another person take your place in the wedding – but most of the time, rest assured that it will never come to that. It would be very rare for the bride to want a specific dress in the wedding more than she wants you.

Bridesmaid’s Hair, Nails, and Makeup

Tradition dictates that bridesmaid’s pay for their own hairstyle and nails, but that doesn’t mean you should just assume. Often, a bride takes her bridesmaids to the salon together to get their hair done together the morning of the wedding – her treat. While this is an exception to the rule, it just shows that you never know what’s on the bride’s mind until you ask.

attendants of an LDS bride
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Knowing exactly what you’ll pay for as a bridesmaid requires open communication with the bride, so bring it up early on and make sure that you’re both on the same page. Establishing a budget between the two of you is a really important step to ensuring that wedding planning goes smoothly.

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