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Bridesmaid’s Shoes, photo by Carly Daniel Photography,
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When you are a bridesmaid, shoes are perhaps the most important part of your entire ensemble. Why? Because your friend’s wedding day may prove to be one of the longest days of your life.

After the pictures, the ceremony, the dancing, and the reception, the bride and groom will ride off into the sunset and you’ll still be on your feet, working hard to clean and tie up all the loose ends. If there ever was a day when you’re going to need some really comfortable shoes, it is your friend’s wedding day.

Styles of Bridesmaid’s Shoes

Bridesmaid’s Shoes come in all varieties: mules, heels, wedges, flats, and pumps. Closed-toed shoes are generally considered most appropriate, but if your friend is having a casual or daytime wedding then you can even consider sandals.

Bridesmaid’s Shoes Colors

 Bridesmaid’s Shoes, photo by Ravenberg photography for
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It’s best to buy your dress first and then start shopping for your shoes. The shoes don’t have to exactly match the dress in color, but they need to be close. If you can’t find a close match, then consider buying white satin shoes and having them dyed to the proper color. Of course, the bride may want you to match your shoes with the other bridesmaids. In that case, you’ll want to buy the same color and style as everyone else.

If your friend is having an informal wedding, then you could also consider wearing a neutral brown, black, or dark blue dress shoe.

Where to Buy Bridesmaid’s Shoes

Shop around for bridesmaid’s shoes, because this is one purchase that really matters. You can look at formal wear retailers, shoe stores, the shoe department of many department stores, or online apparel or footwear retailers.

Dress Shoe Comfort, Style, and Price

While it’s very important to have a functional, comfortable shoe for your friend’s wedding day, you don’t want to choose something clunky and matronly, either. Today’s styles are thankfully very modern and chic.

Just be sure not to let your frugal instincts steer you toward a bargain basement shoe – it may seem like a good deal now, but by the time the wedding day is over you and your aching feet will regret the decision.

Just make sure to keep the receipt until you’ve had a chance to try them on with your dress and look at them in a full-length mirror – maybe even take a few pictures just to make sure you like the way you look.

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Prepping Your Shoes for the Wedding Day

You’ve got your brand spanking new shoes and dress untouched in your closet. What do you do until the wedding day? Break in your shoes. Wearing new shoes that haven’t had a chance to conform to your feet is a surefire way to end up with painful blisters by the end of the wedding day.

To break your shoes in properly, wear them around the house for at least 4 sessions of an hour or two – and don’t forget to practice your best dance moves for the reception while you have them on.

There’s a lot more than meets the eye to buying bridesmaid shoes. They not only need to fit the mood of the wedding and look good with your dress, they also need to be supportive and comfortable. Shop around to find a good fit, and enjoy your friend’s wedding day!

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