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Being asked to be the maid of honor in a friend’s wedding is – well, an honor! It means that you are who the bride considers her best, closest, and most trusted friend. But there is more to being the maid of honor than just wearing a pretty dress and showing up on the wedding day. So what exactly does being the maid of honor entail?

Duties of the Maid of Honor

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As the maid of honor, you are the bride’s “right hand woman.” You will be the designated train-fluffer and bouquet-holder for the bride on the wedding day, but your responsibilities also begin several months before the wedding.

As the maid of honor, your responsibilities might include:

• Planning and hosting a bridal shower
• Planning and throwing a bachelorette party
• Assisting in wedding planning
• Helping out the bride on the wedding day
• Making a toast or speech at the reception

Involvement of the Maid of Honor in Wedding Planning

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The level of stress involved in wedding planning is high, and the bride is going to need your help. That’s why she asked you to be the maid of honor! Of course grooms are getting more and more involved these days as compared to previous decades, but even the most modern man is usually not that excited about picking out the reception napkins or the bridesmaids’ shoes.

That’s where you come in. You are the perfect person to accompany the bride wedding dress shopping: you can be honest and you know her better than anyone else. You can also go with her to bridal fairs, the cake testing (although most grooms are usually excited about this one,) or register with the bride if the groom isn’t interested.

Your level of involvement in wedding planning really depends on the bride, as well as how much help and input she’s receiving from her mother, her fiancée, and her fiancée’s mother. Of course the best way to know what the bride needs from you is to just ask!

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