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Some bridesmaids in a Mormon wedding are lucky enough to all get taken out for a special hair-and-nails trip courtesy of the bride just before the wedding, but most of us are on our own when it comes to doing our makeup for our slot in the wedding party. Whether you’re hiring a professional cosmetician or doing your makeup yourself at home the morning of the wedding, here are some helpful tips for the big day.

Buy Quality, Long Lasting Bridesmaid Makeup

Frugality is one of those LDS virtues that we all prize, but you need to know the difference between the makeup that gives you a good value and the makeup that is just cheap. If you haven’t already done so, do some research and find cosmetics with high-quality ingredients that are guaranteed to last all day. The wedding day will inevitably be an all-day event from the first picture to the last dance at the reception, so choose makeup that will be able to keep up with you.

Apply Bridesmaid or Maid-of-Honor Makeup Sparingly

Make up Advice and Tips for LDS Bridesmaids
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Resist the temptation to apply makeup too thickly in an effort to “cover up” imperfections in your skin for the wedding day. Doing so will only appear caked-on and unnatural, and it will also cover up the real you! You want to mask blemishes without hiding yourself in the process, which is where quality makeup and a professional cosmetologist come in handy.

Keep Wedding Makeup Simple

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Even if you usually wear sparkly eye shadow, thick eyeliner, or bright red lipstick, think twice before you do it as a Mormon bridesmaid. For one, you don’t want to rival the bride for attention. For another, you don’t want to stick out among the other bridesmaids.

Decide on a Color Pallet for Bridesmaids’ Makeup

Speaking of blending in with the bridesmaids, you’ll probably want to settle ahead of time on a basic color pallet for your wedding day makeup. If all of the bridesmaids pick light lip and eye color and one chooses dark (or vice versa), it will be noticeable. Start with the wedding color scheme and use it to determine complementary makeup colors. Find photos and tutorials of the color pallet so that everyone knows what you mean by “neutral” or “day time smokey eye”.

As an LDS bridesmaid or maid of honor, your makeup will be largely your responsibility. Use quality products and remember the old adage that “less is more.” Keep it simple and remember to coordinate with the other bridesmaids. Your makeup doesn’t have to be identical, but it should be relatively similar to create a nice harmony between the other members of the wedding party.

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