How to Plan an LDS Bridal Shower

Who plans an LDS bridal shower?
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The bridal shower is an age-old tradition of “showering” the bride-to-be with gifts that will get her started in her new home and new life. Some things haven’t changed very much in the last few decades, while others have evolved significantly.

Here’s everything you need to know about planning and throwing a LDS bridal shower.

Who throws the bridal shower?

Traditionally, the maid of honor plans, hosts, and pays for the bridal shower. Other members of the wedding party or the bride’s family (particularly the mother of the bride) may want to help.

Where Is a Good LDS Bridal Shower Location?

It used to be that bridal showers were held at the home of the maid of honor. While that is still commonly done, more and more bridal showers are taking place at restaurants or hotels. You could even reserve the cultural hall or Relief Society room of your local chapel if you’re having trouble finding a suitable location.

Does the bridal shower have to be a surprise?

LDS bridal shower
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Tradition says that the bridal shower is done surprise party-style, known to everyone except the bride herself. However, it really depends on the guest of honor. If she loves to be surprised then go for it. But if she is a shy person who genuinely doesn’t like being put on the spot unexpectedly, she will enjoy her bridal shower much more if she knows about it beforehand.

When is an LDS bridal shower held?

Strictly speaking, a bridal shower can be held anytime after the engagement and before the wedding day. But typically, bridal showers are held one to two months before the big day.

Who Should Be Invited to an LDS Bridal Shower?

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Not every female wedding guest needs to be invited to the bridal shower. The shower is reserved for the immediate family and the closest friends of the bride. All the shower guests should be invited to the reception or open house.

The maximum number of guests should be 40. If you want to invite more guests than that, you might consider splitting it up into two smaller showers for different circles of friends and acquaintances.

What are some of the newest trends in bridal showers?

Destination Bridal Showers
– following closely on the heels of the destination wedding’s surge in popularity, the “destination bridal shower” offers a few fun-filled days of entertainment and relaxation at a spa, retreat, cruise, or hotel. Because of the cost and time commitment, the bride needs to know about it beforehand and everyone may be asked to pitch in some money to pay for it.

Couples Bridal Showers for LDS weddings
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Couple Showers

– this shower honors both the bride and the groom, because there’s no reason why the groom should be left out! Both men and women are invited to a couple’s shower, and it’s usually more of a party or social event than a shower, although gifts are still exchanged. This type of event is appropriate for those of the brides’ and grooms’ generation.
Theme Bridal Showers

– traditional wedding showers don’t have a clear theme in mind, but some may want to plan a theme to help guide the decorations and games. Draw inspiration from the bride’s favorite colors, books, movies, vacation destinations, and hobbies.

What Do You Do at a Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers may feature a full luncheon or meal, but usually there is a buffet table set up with appetizers and finger foods to munch on during the shower. A cake is usually served along with the appetizers.

During the shower, at least a few games and activities will be played. Since it’s not likely that everyone at the shower will know each other, at least a few games and activities are planned to break the ice.

Bridal Showers for LDS brides and Grooms
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And of course, the bride opens her presents at the shower. The maid of honor should write down what each gift is and who it is from, to help the bride when she writes the thank-you notes later on.

From traditional to off-the-wall, bridal showers can be planned in all kinds of ways. The most important thing is to make it an event that the bride will look back on fondly. Regardless of the format, a bridal shower is all about letting the bride know she is loved and cared about.

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  1. What do you give the bride to be? At a loss at what to purchase “Her” to make her day, honeymoon special since she is a convert. Help! I’m the Grandmother and torn between the two “Religions” , knowing what she was and now a convert.

    • What a sweet grandmother you are! Your granddaughter is so blessed to have such a caring person in her life. You mentioned honeymoon, so if you’re thinking about that special little “something” to wear on her wedding night…I’d say go for it. Honeymoons are honeymoons. You know your granddaughter best. But if you’re still unsure, here’s another suggestion, just ask her. Tell her you were wanting to purchase a (whatever the gift is) and if she’d like something like that. She’ll let you know. :0) Rose

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