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LDS weddings, photo by Paxman photography,
Photo Courtesy of Paxman Photography

The average LDS wedding has between 2 and 6 bridesmaids, and the surest way to stick out is to have your nails different from the other girls in length, shape, or color. That’s why communication with the bride and the other bridesmaids is so critical to looking the part on the wedding day.

Appropriate Length for Bridesmaids’ Fingernails

Nails of the wedding party don’t have to be identical in length, but they should be in the same ballpark area just for conformity’s sake.

There is no cut and dry rule for how long a bridesmaid’s nails should be. Wedding nail length usually depends on the bridesmaid with the shortest nails: you can always trim long nails, but you can’t add length when it just isn’t there. In some cases, you may want to consider fake nails to add extra length.

Bridesmaid Nail Shapes for LDS Weddings

bridesmaids nails, photo by Teresa K. photography,
Photo Courtesy of Teresa K. Photography

The basic nail shapes are round (oval) or square. Oval nails appear very natural and feminine, while square nails give a very polished, modern appearance. A third nail shape is square with rounded edges, which tones down the in-your-face quality of square nails while still preserving the cutting edge look.

Wedding fingernail shape is actually a very important factor for bridesmaids, as having some round nails and some square nails in a close up wedding photo is usually very noticeable.

Talk with the bride and other bridesmaids to form a consensus about nail shape. Even if the chosen shape isn’t your preferred shape, then just smile and take one for the team.

Appropriate Wedding Nail Colors for Bridesmaids

Fingernail color is extremely important for all the bridesmaids to coordinate. If their nail color doesn’t match, it will be painfully obvious. Here are some of the most popular wedding fingernail colors for bridesmaids:

bridesmaids nails, photo by Carly Daniel photography,
Photo Courtesy of Carly Daniel Photography

1. French manicures/pedicures
2. Polish the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses
3. Polish of another hue in the wedding color scheme
4. Natural pink or light red polish
5. Special nail art, available as stickers or by a nail artist at a salon

When it comes to wedding nails, whatever your wedding party decides to do will look great – as long as you all do it together. Discuss length, shape, and color to make sure that you’ll all match each other on the big day. And if you’re wearing open-toed bridesmaid’s shoes, make sure to go through the same details for your toenails!

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