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When your friend or sibling honors you by asking you to be their Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaid, or Groomsman the, “what do I do now?”, questions inevitably follow. What do I wear at the temple? What is the proper etiquette for an LDS wedding and/or LDS reception(s) or open house(s). Where do I find the “right” dress? What about a tuxedo? Where do I find tall clothes for a groomsman? How do I throw a shower? Do I have to give a toast? Who pays for what? These answers are different for the Maid of Honor, the Bridesmaids and for the Best Man and Groomsmen. WeddingLDS is here with “Everything from ‘I will’ to ‘I do’ for you!”

Articles for attendants of LDS Brides and Grooms:

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  1. I am not an LDS. My son has worked for a LDS trucking company for 10 years and was transfered to the main office in Utah 2 years ago . My future daughter in law was raised in your church and although she is not as active as in her youth she still maintains the values and lifestyle of her upbringing. I am also getting married in the fall and was so pleased to find your site both for my sons wedding and my own . It is so refreshing to see brides in modest gowns . Your wedding site is informative and fun . Thanks, Candice McAfee, Bonita Springs Florida,

    • WOW Candice! Thank you for the nice complement! And congrats on all the weddings! We have some fun new features coming soon. Let us know how else we can help you with your planning.

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