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Meet Emmaline & Daniel
Marriage for Time and All Eternity, LDS wedding, Mormon wedding, WeddingLDS.com
Married for Time and All Eternity

Sealed: Mesa Arizona Temple

Photography: Stacey Kay Photography

Reception: Karl & Diana Hiatt

Catering and Cake: Melody Larsen of Sassy’s Cafe

Flowers: John Sorenson

Reception Decor: Michelle Parke

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Emmaline and Daniel’s Love Story

Every time, we just look at each other and ask ourselves, short version? Or long, crazy filled version?

Well, today you get the inside scoop.. the truth– the long, crazy filled story about Daniel and I.

We met one week ago today, fell madly in love, and now we’re getting married. Ha! Psych.

We met in January of 2013, my brother and him serving as mission companions at the time in the beloved Idaho Boise Mission.
Daniel was serving spanish speaking, Jake was english speaking. The last few months of Jake’s mission, he got paired with the Elder Frost also from Arizona who had just gotten transferred into english speaking…

Jake LOVED Daniel as a companion and always told me that he wanted me to date him when he got back.Well, we went to pick up Jake from his mission. When we arrived, I met Daniel. I thought that he had the funniest laugh– it made everyone else around him laugh. He wouldn’t even make eye contact with me. In fact, we didn’t even say a word to each other. Good missionary. Well, I was planning on serving a mission and so I soaked up everything. I went teaching with Jake, and just loved seeing all the people him and Daniel taught. I remember sitting a few feet away from Elder Frost as he gave a lesson and bore his testimony to mine and another family.


After Jake returned home, Daniel still had a few months left of his mission. Jake called me and told me I needed to write him, and I thought that was really weird. A few days later, Jake again told me to write him. So, knowing Jake is almighty and is always right, I agreed to bow down to him, and wrote Daniel. About a week later, I received a letter back.

I took a picture of it just to show my brother that I did what he said… little did I know that that would be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Daniel always teases me about this, butttt I never wrote him back after that. Hahaha I had too many boyfriends at the time to deal with… jk

Well, the stars were aligned. April 27th rolled around, and I received my first text message from the returned-home Elder Frost. “Hi Emmy! This is Daniel Frost! Jake gave me your number” (OH BROTHER!.. haha no pun intended ;)) “He told me that you and your family were in Provo, and so am I! We should meet up!” Well, I told my parents and they freaked out because they LOVED and still LOVE Daniel. “Let’s take him out to lunch tomorrow after we run the half marathon!” my dad exclaimed. Ah. Sooo… we did.

I felt super cool because I had just completed a half marathon, and I knew Daniel loved to exercise. We ate at the yummy Tucanos, and right away it was like he was already part of the family, joking and enjoying everyone. And oh boy.. they sure were enjoying him. Afterward, we dropped him off and we sat next to each other in the car… all I remember is noticing how piercing his big blue eyes were.

After that, Daniel and I stayed in contact. He shortly after took me on our first date, then we hung out for a while. He knew I almost had my mission papers done, and he was sooo excited for me. He told me that he absolutely appreciated my desire to serve the Lord.

A couple months went by, and Daniel and I talked every now and then. We hung out a few times, but both lived kind of separate lives. Then, I received my mission call. I was moving home for the summer, and my brother was coming up to help me move back to Arizona. Of course he wanted us all to hang out. Jake came down Wednesday and my call came. I was going to go home on Friday to open my call, but my Bishop gave me a ticket to the worldwide leadership conference at the Marriott Center that Sunday. I felt super grateful that I had received a ticket, and I really felt like I should go, so I opted to stay the weekend and open my call on Monday. That weekend we rode bikes, watched movies, and Daniel and I got to talk and laugh together more.

Saturday we went to the Salt Lake City temple to do baptisms. I was the only girl, with my brothers and Daniel. When I changed and was walking out in white, my eyes met Daniel’s. I felt like I had a flash back to that day in the car when I realized how blue his eyes were. For some reason, he would not stop staring at me. When we met, he leaned over and whispered, “You look absolutely beautiful”. I wanted to cry hahaha. I realized then that I had an oober crush on Daniel Frost.

Later that day we walked around Salt Lake, and Daniel and I kept talking and joking.
The next day we went to church together, and after I would be going to the broadcast. During church, Daniel told me that his bishop had given him a ticket to the broadcast. “What??? So did mine!!!” I practically shouted. Haha we had a moment of freaking out, and then we decided we’d go together.So we went, and Daniel kept putting his hand on my knee. I was freaking out!!! I was going home to open my mission call the next day! What the heck was going on!!!

That night, Brooke and I had a little going away party. Daniel and I made cookies together for everyone and had such a fun time! After everyone left, I saw a folded little piece of paper on the counter. “You’re beautiful.”, it read. I knew exactly who it was from.

My heart was torn as I left to go home and open my call. Daniel FaceTimed my brother, and was super excited for me. We didn’t talk for a couple days and then Daniel called me. We talked about everything, laughed and then he told me. “I have not stopped thinking about you.” AH!!! I knew in my heart I was feeling the same way, and felt so good about being with him, but I was also so torn about my call. But, I felt in my heart I needed to give us a chance. So we decided to date!

Annnnd the rest is history! Haha just kidding. Well, kind of. Every weekend he was coming down to AZ or I was going up to UT. It was one of the craziest, hardest yet easiest decisions I have ever had to make in my life. We both grew so much and learned so much and fell more and more in love every day with one another. I came back up to school in August for the fall, and we prayed and fasted and just knew after a while that we were supposed to get married!!

Daniel proposed to me on October 17, 2013– the happiest and greatest day of my life.

I know that the Lord put Daniel and I together. And I am forever grateful for that. I cannot wait to start my life with my best friend, greatest supporter and partner, one of the greatest people I know, and the love of my life.

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