Emily ♥ Max

LDS Temple Sealings
Emily and Max
Marriage for Time and All Eternity, LDS wedding, Mormon wedding
Sealed in the Newport Beach Temple

Emily ♥ Max

Photography: Sindy Hand Photography

Sealed: Newport Beach Temple

Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid Dress: A Dressy Occasion

Reception: Local Chapel

Makeup: Emily, The bride

Tux: Ross Center

Annnouncer: Corey Sprague

Featured Real LDS Wedding, LDS Bride and groom with wedding guests
The Happy Couple with their Wedding Guests
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Featured Real LDS Wedding Couple
Emily's beautiful Ring!
LDS Bride, WeddingLDS.com LDS Groom's Tux, Real Mormon wedding Featured LDS Bride's Dress, WeddingLDS.com LDS Bride and Maid of Honor, Real Mormon wedding
LDS Bride and Groom holding hands, Featured Real LDS Wedding
We love this picture of them holding hands in front of the fountain!
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Featured Real LDS Wedding
By the Fountain!
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LDS Bride and Groom First Dance, Featured Real LDS Wedding Receptions
The Romantic First Dance!
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Bride tosses bouquet, Featured Real LDS Wedding Reception
The Bouquet Toss!
LDS Bride and groom make an exit, WeddingLDS.com LDS Bride and groom leave to get into car, Real Mormon wedding
LDS Bride and Groom leave in car, Featured Real LDS Wedding
Time to go

Emily’s insights:

My favorite season of the year is Fall. I love the crisp weather, the colors, and the holidays around that time… it’s just an awesome time of year that I look forward to. With that being said, I have always wanted a Fall wedding and wanted my wedding colors to consist of those gorgeous autumn colors; the chocolate browns, deep cranberry reds, golden yellows, and rusty oranges. I wanted the feel of my wedding to be very elegant and classy. I was really into the small, tiny details of everything. My dress was a fitted lace dress with a stain sash to tie around my high waist into a bow with my hair in an up-do. I loved it! It was totally my sense of style. My husband wore a dark brown suit with a white shirt, white vest, and white tie underneath to compliment me. Our wedding party was small and intimate which is what I wanted. I had my only blood sister be my matron of honor and my husband had his only blood brother be his best man. My sister wore a rusty orange satin dress. The style of her dress complimented mine so perfectly with the very similar little details of the dresses. My husband’s brother wore a dark brown suit to compliment his and his vest and tie were the same rusty orange to match my sister. Our bouquets/ boutonnieres and flowers were of course the fall colors. We were Sealed for Time and All Eternity in the Newport Beach Temple on November 20, 2010. I am so happy that, that was the day we got married… something I realized while being engaged was that my husband was born on 5/1 and I was born on 6/19. If you add five and six together, you get eleven which in months is November and if you add the days we were born, you get twenty which is the day we got married. This tiny little detail of our birthdays adding up to our wedding day was cute small detail that makes our special day even more special. Our wedding day was absolutely beautiful… not like most I’m sure. It rained! (Which I was told was good luck in Chinese culture) I still wouldn’t change a thing. I could here it pouring while being inside the temple putting on my wedding dress. I remember praying that the rain would stop so that our photographer could take pictures on the temple grounds. My prayer was answered! On the way out of the temple as a married couple I could hear it pouring, and as soon as we walked out the rain had completely shut off. It was unbelievable! As the day progressed, my husband and I got peeks of sunshine throughout our photo session with our photographer. The weather was very chilly and for the most part very over cast, but our pictures turned out to be stunning. The lighting was even and soft with awesome stormy grey clouds in the backgrounds of the temple. As exhausted as my husband and I were, our reception was wonderful. It came out beautifully. We requested off white draping everywhere, with a chandelier to hang in the middle under our huge flower arrangement that was on our food table. We did not have a dance floor. I wanted the focus of the wedding to be on our guests and them visiting with friends and family. We did not have a DJ as well, but just an announcer. I set up my own playlist of great love type songs that I enjoyed for our background music to set the classy, elegant, and fun mood that I wanted. Our cake was was square. I wanted it to match my ring which has a square halo around my main diamond. (Details, details, details!) The cake was simple and beautiful with little tiny details here and there. Everything about my wedding was simple! But it was the details that I was really into. It was a beautiful day that I won’t ever forget! Emily

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